Learn the Battlegrounds of Black Ops 4

Tips and tactics for all the maps in the Black Ops 4 Beta.

By Call of Duty Staff on July 30, 2018
Level 22

The Black Ops 4 Beta comes with a truckload of new: Weapons, Gear, Specialists and the reason you’re here right now: Maps. New, dynamic gameplay demands new, dynamic arenas and we’ve got all the goods on these new fields of battle. To help you get acquainted with these places, we have a few pointers.

Atop the cliffs overlooking the sea sits a quaint Spanish town where the lanes are narrow and the central square in front of the church plays host to frenzied battles on the ground and from second floor overlooks. An intense Multiplayer battleground, Seaside’s stunning visuals belie its role as the setting of a violent anti-government uprising. It plays fast with a central lane sloping from west to east, taking you past a water fountain and through a church. Narrow paths on either side escort you through wine cellars, coffee shops, and delis in this idyllic coastal town. Keep an eye out for incoming foes from the northern-most edge, where flankers risk traversing the tiled roofs just inches from plummeting into nothingness. Amid the tight confines your teammates will appreciate Recon’s Sensor Dart helping locate enemies as you fight from street to street.

On an uncharted island off the coast of Colombia, water is pretty much everywhere. Navigating the southern shore, a wise operator will make use of the water as cover, as well as the discarded crates left behind by international arms smugglers. A narrow channel of water snakes through the center of the map, underneath the central bridge, to the northern jungle. This is your quickest route to navigate from one objective to the other, or simply to hop from your spawn back into the fray. With so much water, it’s not shocking to learn that the bridge is often the focal point of the action. A stack of supply crates makes a fine place to deploy Ruin’s Grapple Gun/Grav Slam 1-2 punch – it will clear the center of the bridge, which just so happens to be the ‘B’ point in Domination and one of the Hardpoints.

In the world of Black Ops, finding a classified, defensive ICBM launch facility nestled among the snowcapped Icelandic mountains isn’t terribly surprising. But when hostiles infiltrate it, attempting to steal a nuke? Well, that launch facility just became a battleground called Payload. To avoid the chaos of the large, central structure, careful navigation of the northern edge leads down a narrow lane with a deadly drop to your side. Cutting south through the middle of the large hangar, you’ll navigate through the center of the action with multiple levels of verticality to ambush opponents. Objective modes require a defense from all sides and Torque’s Barricade and Razor Wire make excellent deterrents to protect your six while you’re capturing ‘B’.


A covert listening station deep in the mountainous region of the Hunan Province provides a remote base for a global strategic surveillance program. The structures and ledges of that base make up the Frequency map, primed for a wide range of engagements (including the added danger of falling off a ledge into the valley below). As you head from your spawn toward the map center, you’ll find two distinct levels of engagement. The top level consists of an open, central area with two ladders leading to the lower level. To the east and west of those ladders are opposing command centers with second floor windows. The lower level to the south provides long sightlines as well as tight corners from which you can pounce on overly aggressive enemies. Those corners make a fine area for Nomad’s K-9 to patrol or his Mesh Mines to deploy and take down enemies venturing towards your team’s half of the map.


Much more than “bad traffic,” Gridlock is set in the aftermath of a violently-foiled bank heist in a dense, urban environment, packing a wide variety of engagement opportunities among urban highway devastation. Sprint up a downed road sign for an elevated view of the open central area for longer ranged engagements. Traverse through the buildings and outer flanks for more medium-to-close range gun fights. These varied sightlines and spaces mean when you whip around a corner you could get blasted away by a Shotgun from inches away or by a Sniper Rifle from 60 yards away. To avoid these surprises, we like to have Ajax around to push ahead with his dangerous and defensive Ballistic Shield. If you’re storming a building, toss in that 9-Bang first to give foes the dizzies before the Ballistic Shield comes in for a taste.



This lakeside Spanish villa is home to the head of a criminal organization. Spawning on either side of this palatial estate, you navigate through one of three distinct routes. Hacienda’s center lane passes through the heart of this spacious two-level home with a large courtyard accented by a water fountain in the center. A vineyard-lined flank on one side makes for a partially protected route for dodging the chaos inside the house. On the other side of the main house, the water may provide a protected path from ‘A’ to ‘C’ in a Domination match – and also reveals an unfortunate soul who mistakenly wore concrete shoes to go swimming. The ‘B’ point in Domination and one of the Hardpoints centers around the fountain, so enemies tend to congregate there. Clearing them out can be a chore, but that’s where a Specialist like Firebreak has the opportunity to thrive: throw down a Reactor Core to stun and damage enemies, and then finish them off with the righteous flames of the Purifier.

The Beta is an opportunity to explore every inch of these maps, two months before their public release October 12. Join the Beta and be one of the first in the world to experience the dynamic, visually stunning battle settings in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4.