Meet the Modes of the Black Ops 4 Beta

Step right up and greet the modes.

By Call of Duty Staff on August 3, 2018
Level 12


Specialists, Weapons, Equipment, Gear, Perks – with the Black Ops 4 Beta, you’ve got a huge helping of new toys to play with. Now’s your chance to get in there, have some fun and find out what you like. To help you get acquainted with everything new, we’ve brought back some classic modes, some riffs on those classics and, in true Treyarch fashion, a couple badass new modes that’ll be rolled out throughout the Beta.

To help you make the most of your Beta experience, we’ve compiled some useful knowledge on all the modes you can play in the beta in one place. Give these a once-over before you jump in a match to ensure you fully understand what’s required to win and, possibly even more importantly, what your opponents will be trying to do to stop you.

Search & Destroy

Life is precious... especially in Search & Destroy. There are no respawns in this mode as two teams alternate between defending and attacking 2 bomb sites. Don’t expect to simply sprint around the map and wipe out the entire team in this one. It requires considerably more caution than most other modes, so tactics are crucial. Recon and his unique intelligence-gathering skills are invaluable in this mode because you’ve only got one life to live. Torque’s area denial and mobile cover is also worth a hard look. Need cover while planting or defusing a bomb? Just throw up his Barricade.


One of the most popular objective modes in Call of Duty, three areas on the map (A, B, C) must be captured and held to get points. The more areas you control, the more points you get. You switch sides once one team hits 100 points, first team to 200 wins. The ebb and flow in this mode depends largely on how often your team’s spawns change, or ‘flip,’ to the other end of the map. Points A and C are usually considerably easier for a team to control as they’re the farthest apart, while B, typically centrally located, will make for the most hotly contested fighting. Every Specialist has a crucial role to play in Dom, but Battery’s explosives and Firebreak’s Purifier can clear out multiple enemies at once as they try to capture or hold an area. Also, a well-timed deployment of Crash’s Assault Pack and TAK-5 health boost can give your team the extra oomphit needs to capture a heavily defended point.

02modes.jpgTeam Deathmatch

This mode is as pure it gets. Two teams, one goal: eliminate the opposition. How your team and your opponents go about doing that will vary as wildly as anything you encounter in the game. Want to lock down a particular area? Send Nomad’s K-9 Unit on a patrol or heat up the other team with Firebreak’s Reactor Core. Every Specialist’s ability amplifies a different playstyle, so find yours and have fun with it.

Kill Confirmed

The mechanics are the same as in Team Deathmatch, but there’s a twist: you don’t get points for kills, you get points for collecting tags. When players die, they drop tags. Whoever collects the most enemy tags wins. It’s a fun, tactical spin on a classic mode that adds a hell of a lot of flavor. Just taking out enemies won’t be enough; you’ve got to collect receipts for those owns if you’re going to come out on top. Ruin’s Grapple Gun is a good way to quickly get to that enemy tag in a pinch.


A classic, objective-based mode centered around controlling specific areas, Hardpoint demands you capture and hold a rotating series of objectives called, you guessed it, “Hardpoints.” The longer your team holds the point, the more points you get. The rotating nature of these objectives means large deficits can be made up in relatively short order. If a point pops up right near your team’s spawn, you’ve got a strong advantage and a decent shot at holding the area for a bit. If you want a Specialist who’s an expert in area-denial, check out Firebreak. His Reactor Core can set fire to any enemies in the immediate area and his Purifier shoots lethal flames to finish the job.


In this all-new mode, teams alternate between attacking and defending two objectives, similar to the points in Domination and Hardpoint. First team to win three rounds wins the match. But, here’s the twist: each team gets 25 lives. Once those lives are used up, you lose. It’s a game mode that fosters and rewards a more cooperative, tactical style of play. Seraph can give you a leg-up in securing an area by planting her Tac-Deploy close to an objective. It’ll keep a helpful flow of teammates streaming onto the objective. Check out our in-depth guide to this awesome new addition to Black Ops MP.


ANOTHER NEW MODE? Yes, indeed.It’s an all-new bit of business full of tense corner peeks, capturing, tactics, money and RULES. Complete the Heist by grabbing the cash bag and delivering it to the objective – but it won’t be a walk in the park. This game has a lot of tricks up its sleeve, including no respawning, no Create-a-Class and no loadouts beside a starter pistol. Players must earn money in-game by completing various objectives to purchase more upgraded weapons, while scavenging for health, ammo and equipment.

For a deeper dive into this exciting new mode, click here.

If you want a frenetic twist on a couple of these, hop into the Chaos Moshpit. It’s a mix of Team Deathmatch & Kill Confirmed but with six players on each team and you can have two of the same Specialists on a team.

So, fire up the Beta, choose your favorite loadout, pick a mode and get into the action!