Solidarity Forever: Why You Should Live the Duo & Quad Life in Blackout

Whether it’s three friends or three randos, make nice and Quad Up.

By Call of Duty Staff on September 6, 2018
Level 12

The old saying ‘the more the merrier’ didn’t stick around for the past 40,000 years without being true. It remains a good general rule of fun: good times are enhanced when you have them with others. It’s true on the seesaw and it’s particularly true in Blackout – you have more fun with a friend.

Sure, you have the option to roll Solo in the Blackout Beta. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a Blackout experience for everybody. But, to truly experience the companionship, excitement and reward of out-playing your opponents, you’ve simply gotta Quad-up. Or, play Duos. Duos offer all the benefits mentioned here, as well.

In addition to the emotional health benefits to socializing while gaming, you’ve got plenty of practical, on-the-ground reasons to jack up your merriment with a team.moreeyes.jpg

More Eyes, More Intel, More Efficiency

Alone you only have your own perspective. As a Quad, you have four perspectives. In Blackout, having multiple perspectives is, to use a technical term, “super helpful.” Seemingly a simple concept, having multiple eyes scanning multiple areas, corners and horizons can often mean the difference between getting the jump on a team of enemies and spectating. Everything you do in Blackout becomes easier. Scavenging for loot? No longer dangerous because your squad has your back. See an enemy camped out in a tower? Encircle them so they have no route to escape. Want to take an area, but there are two structures and you can’t decide which ones to search first? Split up and take each door at the same time. In short, playing Solo can often result in getting jumped from behind, above or some other place you never saw coming. As a team, that should never happen.

Sharing & Caring


The race to scoop the best loot begins as soon as you and your mates hit the ground. Not only will you cover more ground as a team, but you’ll be able to pool your resources as well. This better prepares everybody for the fight ahead. Questions like: “Does anybody need a Titan?”, “Who needs Level 2 Armor?” and “Hell yeah, everybody get in the chopper” will bounce back and forth on the comms. The rising tide of pooled resources is always the best way to lift your Quad’s boat. You’ll find four times the loot in a quarter of the time this way. Each teammate will be more individually dangerous, plus you’ll waste less time looking at the ground and more time collecting intel and planning assaults.


In Blackout, once you take a critical amount of damage, you’ll go down and start to bleed out. At that point, you’re at the mercy of your teammates. It’s up to them to revive you because you can’t defend yourself and the only thing you can do is crawl excruciatingly slow. Your teammates can either finish off whoever took your down or rush to your aid to get you back into the fight quicker. Regardless of how it plays out, this is something that simply can’t happen when you’re rolling in Solos. Like everything we’ve discussed, the more you communicate with your Quad, the easier they’ll be able to locate and revive you when the bullets are flying. Even if you see no other benefit to Quadding-up, this is undeniably a time when you’ll be glad you’ve got teammates. Because – like a storm cellar in Kansas, a bike helmet and grandma’s special fall-down necklace – they’ll save your life someday.

vlcsnap-2018-09-06-11h35m21s458.pngI Wanna Go Fast

Vehicles: they’re cool and fast as hell. But, there’s one problem: you can’t drive and shoot at the same time. Sure would be nice if you had some teammates, huh? Whether you’re driving a truck, ATV, tactical raft or helicopter, the scenic views shouldn’t distract you from the fact that you are devastatingly vulnerable. Rockets, well-aimed sniper bullets or a wrong turn are real possibilities when riding a noisy vehicle. Fortunately, as a Quad, you have the opportunity to bring your team along with you to cover your six (behind you). Helicopters, trucks and tactical rafts have room for your whole squad, while ATVs force you to split up. To maximize the benefits of these things – using them in assaults, making a quick getaway, rescuing a teammate who’s wandered astray or quickly returning to the combat zone – you need somebody to at least ride shotgun and protect your neck.

These are just some of the more obvious benefits to Quadding-Up. As is the case with most things in Blackout, you’ll learn the most through your own experience. That experience will teach you the truth of why ‘the more the merrier’ has aged as fine as the fanciest wines in all of France. The more the merrier. Quad up.