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I’m a long time search and destroy player since cod 4 modern warfare . I’m an extremely competitive solid player  no longer a clan leader nor do I have a squad to play with . Looking for a group to join or play with in public matches I do really well as a lone wolf but playing with fandoms that don’t know what there doing drives me batty lol. I’d be a very good   asset to any group I hook up with HMU my gamer tag is 


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Seid ihr ein PS4 Clan wenn ja Interesse an einem esl Regel Match
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I was looking for my old disbanded clan but this showed up. My clan was called the LWP, first clan I ever joined that was until about around 2013, idk what happened to this day it remains a mystery.

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TG are currently recruiting for PS4 and XBOX. If you are looking for a clan with structured practices, military style procedures and ranking systems with a well run website and forums then please come and check us out!!!


We have individual squads that play Multiplayer, Blackout and Competitive Multiplayer.

We cater for the competitive through to the casual gamer, with big emphasis on team work and communication. If this sounds appealing please either take a look at our website, shoot me a message on here on on PSN (MrPunkRocka)

We are here to improve, win, make friends and have fun doing it!

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