50 cal vs 50 cal this makes no sense

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I read something somewhere or watched something on YouTube, the swing between a suppressor and an ext barrel is 30%.

In other words lets say the augrs damage is 100 HP per bullet for a headshot. If you put a silencer on it, the damage is reduced to 85 HP (15% lower). If you put an extended barrel it increased the damage to 115 HP (or a 15% increase). This is all while within the standard kill range of the weapon. From my experience in Blackout, this sounds realistic.

Now the swing to put a suppressor on from a regular barrel may not be that big, but it is when you speak about the variance between the the ext barrel and the suppressor. The suppressor should be used in situations where you have a high number of output bullets (smgs, some ARs) because the bullet fire rate will make up for the less powerful weapon. Putting a silencer on a ranged weapon (IMO) doesn't do much. Unless you're the type of player who needs to take a lot of shots to make a kill.
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Sadly you have to figure out if said attachments actually benefit the weapon it's on. As they don't all produce the same effect on each weapon that has an option for them.

At least according to driftor and he's pretty reliable. Like High Cal is (and almost always has been) nearly useless on everyweapon that lets you equip it (Or whatever increased headshot damage variant it is in other games) because the multiplier for individual weapons or weapon classes can be so incredibly low.
In MP terms for example silencers aren't worth it on most weapons (Pros to cons)
However the swordfish is arguably one of the best weapons to use it on because with or without a silencer even with the Op Mod...it's still taking a little over 5 bullets to kill (even if you hit all 5 shots and 1 is a headshot). So you can actuall get away with using a silencer on it.

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