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Don't get me wrong there are reasons to choose a console over the other (even so you could realistically obtain both consoles these days for fairly reasonable prices) and then pick and choose which console you want to play a non exclusive on.

I think both have their own great exclusives (or at least used to some of the exclusives have hit snags these days but it comes in cycles)

Forza has the racing thing down pat...I suppose if you REALLY want stupid ***** car tweaking Gran Turismo would work but it's been so long since a full fleshed game as you said.

Personally I've had Sony since the PS1 then online gaming my friends just happened to have it as well so we all stuck with it through the years with little to no complaints about the console itself.

I'd never tell someone what console to choose but on the original topic it's moot these days for COD exclusive isn't even that exclusive especially considering the cluster that is microtransactions these days.
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What exactly is screen tearing? I have a one x as well.

edit- nevermind looked it up on reddit, maybe is this some of the stuff I’ve been seeing, I had been attributing it to connection issues.

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I think a lot of people may think its connection issues but no...its very bad optimising for xbox.

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