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I guarantee that this will bring back a huge majority of the o.g cod community, and all together a more diverse experience without an extremely fun game mode without terrible players being able to kill you

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I find it amusing how people pigeonhole terrible players with specialists..

It's almost like you saying people wouldn't die if specialists weren't in the game..

OG communities disolve/evolve due to the nature of the franchise.. taking specialist out won't change that...
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I don’t think you’ve understood what I said, I said that they should include a game mode where specialists are prohibited (like the pro {something} game mode where more then half specialists were off limits proving it’s possible) and it was extremely fun and thrilling although dying while on an extremely high skill streak to a terrible playing wielding a war machine is simply idiotic.

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How do you know that the person that was using the war machine was terrible? 

If you are complaining about getting killed by terrible players what does that make you? Hmmmmm?

if you want modes without specialist simply say that - you trying to claim that it’s becuase terrible players are ruining good players is laughable. Like with many of the other threads seems that some can’t accept that someone got the better of them that there must be a reason and something else at fault.

If they didn’t have the war machine and threw a grenade then it would be remove grenades. 


I wouldnt mind seeing a no specialist and no scorestreaks mode but that would just be for fun purposes not becuase of any of the lame excuses that I’ve seen, 


either way have yourself a good one 

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Specialist are in the mode and that's what we have to accept and get on with.. it's black ops, what do people expect...

Again this notion that specialist are wielded by terrible players is nonsense.. especially using war machine. If there was a poll I think war machine ability would be one of the fewer specialists abilities used in comparison with zero, nomad, torque, recon etc...

Statements like these are where the notion of "terrible players" disturbs me.. in every cod these terrible players are finding ways to rile up the self proclaimed "good players"... Now if these "terrible players" are so good at adapting in each franchise which include and don't include specialists then I think we all need to think who actually is the "good player"

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@xXMaD_SHoTZz wrote:

...although dying while on an extremely high skill streak to a terrible playing wielding a war machine is simply idiotic.


You might want to clarify the context of this part of your comment because at this point I'm not sure if I should say, "Dam those terrible, idiotic war machine weilding players" or, "You should stop dying from terrible players and you won't look like an idiot". 


Right now, I'm leaning more toward the latter...




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As they won't do anything about the game engine/netcoding/connection I'm not getting a new cod.

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most players will come back if there add no specialists in multiplayer but the chance there do it in black ops 4 is 0% chance.

for the other cods in the next years is only waiting for it if there keep the specialist as a basic thing or not like there do with some things in the new cod titels each year there keep somethings 1 thing that has start in the older cods.

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They could just make Call of Duty back to how it was before all the jetpack and specialist bs and we could have a good-ish, normal game of Call of Duty again.


I say good-ish because Call of Duty never runs perfectly and they need to stop basing maps on rabbit hutches and shoe boxes because we need medium and long range maps too. Possibly take out all extra cluster they they put on the maps because the maps were much better back in the day without the cluster fuchs.

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