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Hey everyone, 

We are nearing the end of the week and Treyarch has put out another update to detail the PC updates, the new Blackout trial that just begun today on 1/17, the new Down But Not Out Blackout mode, and some more general news, updates, and fixes. 

This update does mention patch notes as well, which we have in each respective section here on the forums (for each platform), but feel free to find that all on the source here: 

Black Ops 4 - Community Update 


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Our Blackout Free Trial is now live for everyone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC! We’ve also launched our newest limited-time mode in Blackout on PS4 with Down But Not Out, and our PC 1.11 update arrives today with PC-specific improvements. Here’s the rundown:

Blackout Free Trial (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

For those who still haven’t experienced the thrill of the hunt in Blackout, our Free Trial is now live and runs through 10AM PT Jan. 24 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC! Grab your friends (and enemies) and jump in for free – it’s going to be a wild ride.

After downloading and installing the Blackout Free Trial from your platform’s store, you’ll be able to party up with players who have the Free Trial and with friends who already own Black Ops 4, so everyone in the Call of Duty community can play together. Free Trial players will also earn Echelon progression and unlock Black Market Tiers and loot during the trial period, with no limits on playtime or player progression.

Xbox One players will need an Xbox Live account to play in the Free Trial, and PC players will require a account. PS Plus is not required for PlayStation 4 players to play in the trial. Here’s how to download the Blackout Free Trial:

  • All Platforms: Register for a free My Call of Duty account if you haven’t already.

  • PS4 and Xbox One: In the console store, search for and download the Blackout Free Trial. When the download completes, start up the game and jump in.

  • PC: Go to and log in with your account, or register if you haven’t already. Find “Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4”, and click the “Try For Free” button. Once the download is complete, click “Play” to launch the game.

1.11 Update (PC)

Our PC 1.11 update is live today with several PC-specific improvements listed below, in addition to the details laid out in our console 1.11 patch notes. Our PC team is also investigating community feedback regarding shotguns in Blackout and sniper rifle performance in Multiplayer. As always, thanks for your feedback while we examine the data – the team is dedicated to maintaining weapon balance on PC for fair and consistent gunplay, especially as new weapons are added to the game.

Down But Not Out – Blackout (PS4)

To celebrate the launch of the Blackout Free Trial, we’ve introduced Down But Not Out this week in Blackout on PS4! In our newest limited-time mode, fallen teammates redeploy with each new Collapse as long as one player in the squad remains alive. This new gameplay mechanic completely changes the tactical approach of the game – if you’re the last surviving member of your squad, you’ll need to make damn sure you can stay in the fight until your teammates redeploy, and plot a new course of action with your reunited squad to take on the other survivors. Remember, other squads will be parachuting in with you through the match, as well.

Players redeploy with a pistol, a handful of ammo, and five bandages, so you won’t be left empty-handed when you drop back in for revenge against the squad that took you out. Players can no longer redeploy once the countdown to the final Collapse begins, so strategize accordingly if you want to be the last squad standing. By the way, Collapses also happen more frequently this time around.

If this all sounds like a recipe for an insane final circle, you’d be correct – be prepared for some of the craziest game-ending fights you’ve seen in Blackout to date. Jump into the new mode on PS4 and let us know what you think in the comments! We’re planning to run Down But Not Out for two weeks on each platform, so everyone will have plenty of time to drop in and try it out.

11AM PT UPDATE: Added new updates across all three modes on PS4 and Xbox One, with PC update to follow. See “PS4 and Xbox One” section below for additional patch notes.

12:30PM PT UPDATE: “Clear all New item markers” button now clears “New” notifications in Personalization menu on all platforms.

Here’s what’s new in the game since Tuesday’s update:



  • Blackout Free Trial now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

  • PC 1.11 update now live.

  • Down But Not Out limited-time mode live in Blackout (PS4).

  • Improvements to looting interface and ARAV passenger hit detection in Blackout (PS4 and Xbox One). (Updated 11AM PT).

  • Improvements to Zombies Gauntlets (PS4).

  • “Clear all New item markers” button now clears “New” notifications in Personalization menu.

  • Fix for Gunship camera resetting when switching ammo types.

  • Misc. stability and bug fixes in Multiplayer and Blackout.



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You should make an edit. Blackout free trial is now live but you wont be able to play it
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Keeping my eyes peeled for those informative updates regarding the testing of featured only playlists. Because there is so much information coming from 3arc on that issue. Excellent job

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