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Happy New Year everyone, 

We are now a bit into 2019 and Treyarch has released their first update of the new year! A large majority of the post is addressing upcoming changes, fixes, and new features (like League Play and new Zombies content), but there was also a small patch that went out today as well. 

Check out all of that information in full below or head on over to the source here:

Black Ops 4 - Community Update 


Happy New Year from everyone here at the studio – we hope you’re all rested up and ready for an incredible year of Black Ops 4 content! Today’s update is all about what’s coming soon in 2019.

First up: we’ve updated our post-holiday MP playlists into an all-out Moshpit bonanza on all platforms, including Endurance Chaos Moshpit in this week’s Featured Playlist showcase, along with Mercenary Capture Moshpit, Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit, Deathmatch Moshpit, and Map Pack Moshpit in the Featured category. We’ve also made stability improvements in MP and Zombies in today’s patch as we prepare for what’s in store later this month... see below for details.

With Black Ops 4’s launch window behind us and Operation Absolute Zero in full swing on all platforms, we’re hard at work on upcoming features and new content across all three modes. As we gear up for 2019, we’re kicking off our first community update of the year with details on some of our most anticipated upcoming features:

  • Mastery Camos in Zombies and Blackout

  • Upcoming Features in Zombies

  • Improved Looting in Blackout on consoles

  • League Play in Ranked Multiplayer

Mastery Camos in Zombies and Blackout

Many of you have been asking about bringing Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter camos over from Multiplayer into Zombies and Blackout, particularly after the recent launch of Weapon Camo support in Blackout. We hear you, and we have a feature incoming that will support equipping these camos in all modes while preserving what those camos represent.

There is a reason these specific types of weapon progression camo are not shared across modes: they are designed to represent that players have completed a mode-specific challenge progression. Gameplay is very different across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout, and we want the bragging rights that go with these camos to mean something in the modes where they’re shown off. As such, we’re building out Mastery Camo progression systems in both Zombies and Blackout that have unique, custom-tailored challenges that will represent that players have completed challenges designed for the modes where they are equipped.

We’re planning to deliver Mastery Camos in both modes in late January as our teams continue to work on the next round of new features, content, and events coming to Black Ops 4 this year. Stay tuned to these community updates to be the first to know more.

Upcoming Zombies Features

With five Zombies experiences now available following Dead of the Night’s release on all platforms, the team is laser-focused on developing new features and challenges for the Zombies community to sink their teeth into in 2019, in addition to more Zombies experiences coming throughout the year for Black Ops Pass holders.

Next week, we’re introducing the first series of this year’s new Zombies features and content with Gauntlets launching first in Voyage of Despair and the addition of three new Elixirs on PS4, plus new balancing changes to existing Elixirs! And as luck would have it, there’s a very Zombies-specific date coming up next week when we’ll have more details to share about these features and more for Zombies coming in 2019. See you then.

Improved Looting in Blackout on Consoles

After additional testing and iteration, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be rolling out a much-improved interface for looting in Blackout on consoles in next week’s 1.11 update! This includes an easier-to-navigate interface that allows console players to quickly scroll through a multi-row grid, loot the items they want, and get back into the fight even faster. Thanks for all of your feedback on the current Blackout experience, and watch for more details on our updated interface next week.

League Play

As we mentioned back in our Operation Absolute Zero announcement blog, the Black Ops 4 competitive season is a core focus for us heading into 2019. Now that we’ve built the foundation for our competitive feature set with the launches of CWL Custom Games, CODCaster, and Live Event Viewer, we’re dedicated to rolling out continuing World League Hub features over the coming months.

This all kicks off with the launch of League Play by the end of January, which we know many of you are eagerly anticipating. League Play will operate a little differently this time around. The system is designed to emulate a schedule more like the pros play, where League Play events will be intense and frequent but shorter duration, generally spanning weekends or 3-day periods.

In between those events, Scrims will be run as an unranked playlist using CWL rules so that players and teams can sharpen their skills before a competition. Both League Play events and Scrims will use skill-based matchmaking, where focus has been applied to making sure skill matches are as accurate as possible without resulting in empty lobbies or long wait times. League ladders will be built around 50-player groupings to ensure the most intense competition for these shorter-duration events. We’ll provide more around how the ranking system works along with other details as we approach the launch date.

Our planned schedule is to release the World League Hub and first League Play event by the end of January. That said, we want to make sure that we’ve spent enough time play-testing and incorporating feedback before it launches, so this date is subject to change. We love ranked play as much as you do, and that’s why we’re taking the time required to give League Play the attention it deserves. From there, we’ll continue to release new World League Hub features, including Teams and Clans for our competitive-focused players.

Timing on all of the above features is subject to change based on development, and we’ll keep everyone informed with more precise info as we get closer to launching these new features.

Onto what’s new in the game since our last update:

Summary Banner.png


  • Endurance Chaos Moshpit added as Featured Playlist in MP

  • Mercenary Capture Moshpit, Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit, Deathmatch Moshpit, and Map Pack Moshpit added to Featured category in MP

  • Stability improvements in MP

  • Dead of the Night/IX improvements in Zombies

  • 1.11 update arrives next week!

All Platforms banner.png





  • Featured Playlists

    • Added Endurance Chaos Moshpit as Featured Playlist.

      • 6v6 with higher score limits.

      • Team Deathmatch with 150 score limit, 15 minute time limit.

      • Domination with 200 score round limit, 400 score match limit.

      • Hardpoint with 500 score limit, 10 minute time limit.

      • Kill Confirmed with 150 score limit, 15 minute time limit.

    • Added Mercenary Capture Moshpit, Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit, Deathmatch Moshpit, and Map Pack Moshpit to Featured category.

  • Stability

    • Improved stability with Torque’s Barricade and its effects on enemy players.

    • Improved stability with the Mantis Scorestreak, particularly when firing rockets.

    • Improved stability when killing Strike Team members as they rappel out of the helicopter.


  • Miscellaneous

    • Dead of the Night

      • Addressed an issue that occasionally prevented a gravestone marker from appearing during the Main Quest.

      • Addressed an issue that could prevent progression of the Stake Knife quest.

      • Addressed an issue where players were able to pick up the Savage Impaler while their Special Weapon was in use.

      • Addressed a rare stability issue involving the clock step in the Pack-A-Punch Quest.

    • IX

      • Addressed an issue that could prevent progression of the bull head portion of the Main Quest.

  • Stability

    • Improved stability when multiple Sentries are active.



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when are new maps going to be in hardcore rotation?
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I was just checking on that recently, but I'm afraid there hasn't been any ETA on when those will be added in hardcore rotation or regular rotation. Normally I could give you a general estimate based on how it is done, but with the Black Ops Pass this is all a new way of handling maps & content so I'm afraid we don't know just yet. Keep an eye out for future updates. 

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This is absolutely ridiculous. It's been several weeks since now since the maps became available . I don't know the percentage of the population that plays hardcore only, but regardless I'm surprised more people aren't complaining.  If this the precedent they are setting for future updates and the way hardcore players are treated, it may be the end of my loyalty.

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So no information regarding the issue where some players are limited to the featured mode in blackout then? Despite the fact solo has been featured for about 4 weeks in a row now? Splendid.

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Hey there, 

Are you in South America or South Africa? If so, that is something Treyarch has mentioned a few times. They are basically doing tests with those regions to try to improve matchmaking because of the player population. The limited options for Blackout queues are part of that test. I'd just keep an eye out for other updates like this and some more news on those tests. 



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Hello. I am in the Caribbean, and since the beta there has never been an issue for me finding a server or connection problems. However I am for some reason still subject to these tests.


If in fact 3arc are testing a few questions come to mind

1. How do you test something by giving 1 option and no choice. At the end of the day the sensible way to test would be to change the matchmaking of the featured queue, leave the other options available and inform the community that featured queue for these regions have been adjusted to help find matches faster and help ping. That way when you see how many people choose to go featured over other queus you know if a result is positive. As it stands your tests are nonsense because if you add back all my options today i will not play featured unless you actually feature the mode i am interested in.


2. If this is the way it is going to be how in heaven's name do you feature solo mode for the past month plus? I bought this game for quads. If you are limiting to featured only mode at least have the decency to rotate it so people get a chance to play different modes they want to play. My friends have not touched this game since this featured mode nonsense started in patch 1.07


3. Where exactly are these few mentions? There was 1 mention at the end of 1.07 patch notes in a by the way fashion. Oh for our SA community we will be trying a featured playlist to help with queus and ping. Nowhere in the message did it indicate the fix was going to remove the other modes. The only other mention I have seen is a tweet from Vonderhaar confirming the featured only queue and stating they are testing other options. So again where are these few mentions?


4. When customers pay for a product, how do you justify eliminating 66% of the content for the purpose of testing for going on 2 months now? Shouldn't these sort of tests be done before launch? Or did you just discover these issues post launch? Even if you had discovered them post launch taking months to test a solution and not giving regular updates? Really?


5. Some players like my friends and I only bought this title for blackout. Had we knowledge before hand that the content would be removed in such a manner we would not have bought it. As such, how can we go about having our purchase refunded because this is ridiculous, and we are not receiving the service we paid for as advertised



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I paid $100 for the digital copy and I still do not have access to the Map Pack 1 that was released on 12/11/18 in Core. Why would you do that? Season pass purchasers should get things when they are released. It's kind of the point of purchasing it.
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no update on DLC entering hardcore rotation or nothing? I agree with other posters.


it seems with each new black ops the hardcore community gets shafted more and more. I play hardcore only.


I bought the digital deluxe version oif the game as I have been since black ops 2.


I am disappointed that the maps are not yet in the playlists I play and have not even tried them out either.


It appears I invested before teh game came out and have the pass for no reason at all and invested for disappointemnt.


Black ops has always been my goto and favourite call of dutys. I invest more in black ops then any other call of duty.


I hope the developers start to see that these choices are affecting the confidence of many people in the game and product.


Everytime a new black ops is going to come out I purchase and hope they even include ahardcore playlist thou with the less and less developement for hardcore I wonder if my next black ops investment will end up being unplayable because hardcore will be removed fully.

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