BO4 Community Update – 12/5/18

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Greetings everyone, 

Treyarch put another small update on 12/5 detailing some changes, some fixes, and just a few notes. It was a relatively small update compared to the title updates that came out earlier this week, but please continue to report any issues you see and any feedback you have. 


Keep an eye out for more news and announcements as we roll into the holiday season, but for now check out the full post below or head on over to the source here:

Black Ops 4 - Community Update 

Minor game settings updates and fixes today as we prep for CWL Vegas this weekend and next week’s big title update on December 11! Here’s what’s new today on all platforms, plus additional Zombies fixes on PC:


  • K9-Unit pathing improvement
  • RC-XD and Dart targeting update
  • Zombies update for Aim Assist and Deadshot Dealer
  • CWL Custom Game fixes
  • Challenge fixes for “Got Rocks” and “Bring the Pain”
  • Stability fixes in MP, Zombies, and Specialist HQ
  • Zombies fixes for cutscene skipping and Bowie Knife Prestige on PC



  • Specialists
    • Updated Nomad’s K9-Unit AI to address an issue that prevented Juneau from pathing to enemies under certain circumstances.
  • Scorestreaks
    • RC-XD
      • Targeting diamond now only displays for enemies in line of sight.
    • Dart
      • Targeting diamond now only displays for enemies in line of sight.
  • Challenges
    • “Bring the Pain” Challenge now properly only tracks EKIAs with Operator Mods on the Saug 9mm, MOG 12, Mozu, and VKM 750.
  • CWL Custom Games
    • Fixed an issue with displaying friendly name and health UI after the player died in the first round of CWL Search and Destroy.
    • Closed an exploit that could allow players to spectate the enemy team while playing CWL Control.
  • Stability
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a Custom Game with Bots and Custom Classes disabled.


  • Gameplay
    • Addressed an issue where Aim Assist and Deadshot Dealer were not functioning properly for players who were not the host.
  • Stability
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when activating DEFCON switches in Classified.


  • Global Challenges
    • “Got Rocks” Challenge now properly tracks launcher kills in Blackout and Zombies, and should restore lost progress since this week’s 1.08 update.
  • Specialist HQ
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during Ajax’s Combat Training.


In addition to the changes above, we’ve also made the following changes on PC in version 265.45(57).


  • Miscellaneous
    • Restored the ability to skip Zombies cutscenes.
    • Players can now Prestige the Bowie Knife in Zombies.


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Bit of a bug, every time I go in now it defaults to safeguard. I only play hc tdm and now have to keep selecting it.
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Is that just the featured mode you are seeing? Or something different? There is always a featured mode that shows up when you first select Multiplayer and then you have to go into the full playlist to see all other modes. 

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Just when you drop out or go in the first time it used to remember the previous mode you played it doesn’t do that it now defaults to safeguard.
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I have got to say fixing this is not going to be;p this game it is broken on so many levels.

It should be very embarrassing for a company your size to release this and not fix it.

I have stopped playing so don’t really care if you fix the menu or not.
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Is there a going to be another multiplayer balance patch due out before Christmas?


Will tdm 100 be returning?

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Haven't played cod for a little over a week now and now that I decide to see if things have gotten better I see that it's a waste of time. Still nothing on the servers...
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“Nice gun” challenge not tracking properly.

Pickup an enemies weapon and get a 5 killstreak with atleast one of the kills being on the enemy who dropped the gun. Ive done this multiple times getting merciless medals along with backfire medals and there not counting towards the challenge. Ill kill an enemy, pickup his weapon and definitely get more than five kills and ill make sure im watching the medals pop up... ill see backfire and bloodthirsty and after the game ill go straight to challenges and it wont count. Its something to look into!

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i have a error while i my games tries to connect to servers in first loading screen Untitledp.s. : i have no problem connecting and playing other games seems like its a problem from the game side

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I have the same 741 issue. is there any fix?
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