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Hey everyone, 

We are entering the weekend and Treyarch has put out a preview of some upcoming updates, like League Play, the next Operation, new modes, and some balance changes. There is a whole lot coming, so get ready and make sure to take advantage of that 2XP while it lasts! 

Keep an eye out for more news and updates, but for now take a look at all of that below or head to the source here:

Black Ops 4 - Community Update 


Don’t have a valentine to share the Quad Feed Weekend with? We’ve got your back.


Solo Blackout Limited-Time Modes Now Live

Our first Solo-focused limited-time modes are now live in Blackout this weekend, with Solo Close Quarters Frenzy on PS4 and Solo Ambush on Xbox One and PC! We’ll continue to offer Solo and Duo variations of traditionally Quad-based LTMS in Blackout going forward to give players more ways to play our newest modes.


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Multiplayer Tuning Preview (Feb. 19)

As our 5-day Valentine’s Quad Feed Weekend continues on all platforms, we’d like to provide a preview of one of our most anticipated gameplay tuning updates coming on Tuesday when our next Operation goes live. Here’s what to expect on Feb. 19:



  • Assault Rifles

    • ICR-7

      • [PC only] Improved ADS sway.

      • [PC only] Improved hip-fire accuracy.

    • Rampart 17

      • Improved max damage range from 37.6 yards to 41.6 yards.

      • [PC only] Improved ADS sway

      • [PC only] Improved hip-fire accuracy.

    • KN-57

      • Improved max damage range from 15.2 yards to 17.3.

      • [PC only] Improved ADS sway.

      • [PC only] Improved hip-fire accuracy.

    • VAPR-XKG

      • Improved 5-hit kill range from 34.7 yards to 50 yards.

      • Improved ADS idle to sway less.

    • Maddox RFB

      • Reduced recoil stability in first 5 shots in bullet pattern.

      • Echo Fire Operator Mod: Improved recoil stability.

      • Quickdraw: Reduced ADS-in speed.

      • Quickdraw II: Reduced ADS-in speed.

      • Stock: Reduced ADS move speed.

      • ELO: Reduced recoil stability.

      • [Console only] Reduced max damage range from 23.6 yards to 20.8 yards.

      • [PC only] Improved ADS sway.

      • [PC only] Improved hip-fire accuracy.

  • Submachine Guns

    • MX9

      • Improved 5 hit kill range from 5.5 yards to 7.6 yards.

      • Improved ADS-in speed.

      • [PC only] Improved damage by adding 5-hit kill range out to 7.6 yards.

    • GKS

      • Improved 5-hit kill range from 2.7 yards to 5.5 yards.

      • [PC only] Improved damage by adding 5-hit kill range out to 5.5 yards.

    • Spitfire

      • Reduced max damage Range from 9.7 yards to 7.6 yards.

      • Stock: Reduced ADS move speed.

      • Extended Mags: Reduced magazine size.

      • Fast Mags: Reduced reload speed enhancement.

      • [PC only] Reduced hip-fire accuracy.

    • Cordite

      • Belt-Fed Operator Mod: Reduced overheat cooldown speed.

      • Grip: Reduced recoil stability.

      • [PC only] Reduced hip-fire accuracy.

    • Saug 9mm

      • Reduced sprint-out speed (now the same as most other SMGs).

      • Reduced base move speed (now the same as other SMGs).

      • Stock: Reduced ADS move speed.

      • Stock II: Reduced ADS move speed.

      • Grip: Reduced recoil stability.

      • [PC only] Reduced hip-fire accuracy.

      • [Console only] Dual Wield Operator Mod: Reduced hip-fire accuracy.

      • [Console only] Dual Wield Operator Mod: Reduced max damage range from 11.1 yards to 8.3 yards.

    • Daemon 3XB

      • Improved max damage range from 6.9 yards to 9 yards.

      • [PC only] Improved hip-fire accuracy.

  • Tactical Rifles

    • Auger DMR

      • Improved ADS move speed.

      • Improved firing speed.

      • Double Tap Operator Mod: Improved firing time between shots.

    • ABR 223

      • Improved ADS move speed.

      • Improved sprint-out speed.

    • Swordfish

      • Improved ADS move speed.

      • Quickdraw II: Improved ADS-in speed.

      • [PC only] Improved burst delay, allowing for faster sustained fire rate.

  • Light Machine Guns

    • Titan

      • Reduced flinch resistance when being hit.

      • Reduced max damage from 46 to 38.

      • Stock: Reduced ADS move speed.

    • Hades

      • [PC only] Cross Bar Operator Mod: Reduced spread accuracy.

  • Sniper Rifles

    • Paladin HB50

      • [PC only] Improved rechamber speed (same as console).

    • Outlaw

      • [Console only] Improved firing speed.

      • [PC only] Quickdraw: Improved ADS-in speed.

      • [PC only] Bolt Cylinder Operator Mod: Reduced fire rate.

      • [PC only] Fixed a bug that allowed extra damage to the neck when using the Recon Optic.

    • Koshka

      • Improved ADS sway.

      • [Console only] Quickdraw II: Improved ADS-in speed.

      • [PC only] Improved rechamber speed (same as console).

  • Pistols

    • RK 7 Garrison

      • Improved all damage ranges.

  • Shotguns

    • MOG 12

      • Dragon's Breath Operator Mod: Now does 1 quick blast of fire damage instead of damage-over time. This increases it’s one-hit-kill potential at certain close ranges, and is especially effective when paired with Choke Barrel.

      • Improved max damage Range from 3.75 yards to 4.1 yards.

      • Quickdraw: Improved ADS-in speed.

      • [Console only] Barrel Choke: Improved accuracy, pellet damage, and max damage range.

    • SG12

      • Strobe Light Operator Mod: Reduced luminosity on visual light effect.



  • Prophet

    • Seeker

      • Greatly reduced Seeker’s hitpoints, it can now be destroyed with 1 bullet.

      • Reduced detection range against enemies with Cold Blooded.

  • Ajax

    • 9-Bang

      • Reduced visual opacity of screen flash when hit by 9-Bang.

      • Players will no longer raise their hand when flashed if they have Tactical Mask.

      • Players can now change stances while flashed.

  • General

    • Active Specialist Weapons now lose all cooldown on round change (as opposed to partial loss previously).



  • Frag Grenade

    • Increased damage.

  • Concussion Grenade

    • Players can now stun themselves with their own Concussion Grenade.

    • Players will no longer raise their hands when affected by a Concussion grenade if they have Tactical Mask.



  • Acoustic Sensor

    • Reduced the ranges at which Acoustic Sensor can detect enemies.

    • Reduced the ranges at which enemies with Dead Silence are detected.



  • Tactical Mask

    • Player now recovers faster after being hit by Tempest.

    • Players will no longer raise their hand when flashed by the 9-Bang.

    • No longer provides fire or radiation resistance.

  • Flak Jacket

    • Fire and radiation resistance moved from Tactical Mask to Flak Jacket.

    • Improved Flak Jacket resistance to radiation and burn.

  • Cold Blooded

    • Reduced the range at which an enemy Seeker can detect the player with this Perk.



  • Lightning Strike

    • Reduced the delay between targeting locations and the jets arriving.

  • Sentry

    • Improved damage.

    • Improved the time that the Sentry will remember a target after losing line of sight.

    • Improved the range at which the Sentry will detect an enemy within a 360-degree radius.

  • Drone Squad

    • Improved damage.

  • Sniper’s Nest

    • Increased number of rockets required to destroy the Sniper’s Nest by 1.

  • Mantis

    • Improved explosive damage radius.

  • Thresher

    • Improved chain gun explosive radius and damage.

    • Improved health of vehicle to balance damage dealt from an enemy with FMJ II.

  • Strike Team

    • Improved awareness radius.

    • Improved health regeneration rate of Strike Team members.

  • General

    • Scorestreak teamkills will no longer count towards the teamkill kick limit in modes with friendly fire enabled.

League Play Arrives Feb. 21 on PS4

As we mentioned in our recent League Play blog, the World League Hub and League Play are coming to Black Ops 4 as part of next week’s new Operation on PS4, and League Play kicks off later in the week with our first League Play Event starting on Thursday, Feb. 21.

We can’t wait to see how the competitive meta evolves with the gameplay tuning changes listed above. Remember, the Pro Series Playlist is your chance to test out new loadouts based on the latest tuning changes and CWL rules, to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running when League Play launches. Let’s do this.




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I genuinely feel like they're nerfing the most popular weapons at this point. I mean the Titan was a actually really good and designed well. I mean I play HC and it was one gun I always felt performed really nicely because even if you came up against someone using crash it would shred them. 


I think instead of nerfing these popular weapons, why not look at where the others could perform better. 


Just food for thought. 

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What are you even saying?? You can’t join 1 lobby in BO4 where there isn’t at least one person using a thermal titan! The titan might have been the most overpowered gun in cod history before this patch, and I’m surprised this patch on the titan hasn’t came sooner!

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Yay after they killed the ICR, and nerfed most other AR´s, now the Maddox gets its turn. I´m curious which AR is next? Oh, I forgot, there arent that much anymore.


Not to "quote" you Seanicus....I´m just replying to the thread.

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No worries! Also, RIP the Maddox and Titan. My two favs in Multiplayer. 

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This may be a stupid question, but is Treyarch and Black Ops 4 going to bring back the ability to play Ambush in Duos Or Quads again? Why was that taken away in the first place? I know you are trying to promote more solo modes but in all honesty, I don't believe that was a smart choice because being in clans and with your friends is kind of the point of this too.


Please inform me of any information you may have on when thats coming back to Xbox One, I have a lot of pissed off friends that are wondering the excat same thing, thank you so much again.

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Nah it isn't a stupid question, but they are time limited modes. They are meant to only be available for a short period of time and then will return later. I can't comment on whether not Ambush will specifically come back for Duos or Quads, but it was such a popular mode and I'd be amazed if it didn't come back later. I'd just keep an eye out for their updates, like this one, for more news on that. 

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Am I the only one who thinks a good majority of these changes are positive?

Nerfing titan is a tad harsh seen as it's an Lmg.. ads better on the ABR is going to be interesting..

Other than that I think they are quite positive...
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have a feeling the ABR is now going to be the gun to get in black out. i thoughtit was fine and very good did not need any buffs.

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