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Greetings everyone, 

Operation Apocalypze Z released yesterday, with that a great deal of new content, and today Treyarch have released a smaller update to address some issues that have popped up since that. This one is all about maintenance and fixes on PS4. 

Read on below for the full details on this update or head to the source here:


Black Ops 4 - Community Update 


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Today’s maintenance update delivers new stability improvements and bug fixes in Blackout, Zombies, MP’s Bolt-Action Barebones playlist, World League Hub, and the Black Market on PS4.

In Blackout, we’ve temporarily removed Reaper from Blackout on PS4 while we fix an issue with Reaper’s footstep audio not playing properly, and restored access to the David Mason Blackout character for player who’ve unlocked him before yesterday’s update. Zombies Wonder Weapon spawns have been improved in Alcatraz, and the Locus sniper rifle’s sway has been tuned to match up with other snipers in Blackout.

We’ve also fixed a handful of crashes and bugs in “Alpha Omega” for Zombies players, restricted some new weapons from World League matches, added animated Master Calling Cards to the Operation Apocalypse Z collections, and more. Read on below for what’s new:


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  • Characters

    • Temporarily suspended Reaper from character selection due to an issue preventing footstep audio from playing properly.

    • David Mason will now be available to players who unlocked him previously.

  • Alcatraz

    • Alistair’s Folly can now be found in Mystery Boxes.

    • Addressed an issue that prevented the Hell’s Retriever from spawning.

    • Addressed an issue that caused the Hell’s Retriever to spawn under a cell gate.

    • Hawk can no longer be used to block the Warden’s movements.

  • Weapons

    • Brought the sway on the Locus in line with other sniper rifles.

  • “Alpha Omega”

    • Gameplay

      • Addressed an issue that prevented users from entering codes for Rushmore.

    • Stability

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when players triggered the Main Quest boss fight when a Side Quest was still active.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur while fighting Nova Bombers that had recently teleported.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player disconnected as the Trophy for surviving 20 rounds popped up.

      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player died or disconnected immediately after activating Blood Wolf Bite.

      • Additional general stability fixes.

    • Miscellaneous

      • Added missing image for Vendetta MKII in the Armory.

  • Game Modes

    • Bolt-Action Barebones

      • Restricted new non-sniper rifle weapons from gameplay.

    • Create-a-Class

      • Added missing images to the Argus Diamond Camo unlock notification.

  • Weapons

    • Restricted the Reaver C86 and Backhander melee weapon from World League matches.

  • Personalization

    • Added animated Master Calling Cards for Operation Apocalypse Z.

    • Resolved an issue that could cause a crash after unwrapping the Weaponized 115 Reactive Camo in-game.

  • Black Market

    • Addressed an issue that caused some images in the Black Market to appear stretched.



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