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Hey everyone, 

We've made it to the release of Operation: Apocalypze Z! Treyarch has spent a great deal of time detailing what is coming in this operation, and out now for PS4 users, in this post and in previous posts over the last week, but basically a zombies horror theme has been injected into both MP & Blackout alongside a great deal of new content. 

There is far too much to summarize for this one, so read on below for the full details on this update or head to the source here:


Black Ops 4 - Community Update 


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The Undead Takeover Begins on PS4

Operation Apocalypse Z kicks off today on PS4, delivering new Zombies-inspired content to all modes with Reaper’s Black Ops 4 Multiplayer debut, three Black Ops Pass MP maps, the latest Aether story Zombies experience, multiple Blackout map updates, new weapons, new modes, and much more. Get up to speed at our official Operation Apocalypse Z Blog, and let’s get straight into what’s included in our fifth Operation.

MULTIPLAYER: Reaper, Sticks and Stones, Three Black Ops Pass Maps + More

MP fans have a ton of new and classic content to dig into with Operation Apocalypse Z, starting with the introduction of Reaper as our latest Specialist to join the fight. This pre-Black Ops III prototype of everyone’s favorite war machine comes equipped with the devastating Scythe machine gun and the new Radar Shroud, which acts as an anti-Sensor Dart to scramble portions of enemies’ mini-maps and cloak your team’s advances.


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Sticks and Stones
 makes it Black Ops 4 debut, where players face off in a free-for-all using only Ballistic Knives, Combat Axes, and the new auto-crossbow. Rack up points with your ranged weapons and melee attacks, bankrupt your enemies’ score to zero with successful Combat Axe throws, and fight your way to the top of the scoreboard. Keep an eye on the occasional UAV sweep, which reveals the top player as a gold dot on the mini-map.

Black Ops Pass holders get access to three additional MP maps in this Operation, available this week in the new Map Pack Moshpit playlist on PS4:

  • Der Schatten, a snowy battlefield set in 1940s Austria in the shadow of the castle from “Der Eisendrache”, featuring plenty of Zombies Easter eggs to discover throughout.

  • Remnant, an overrun Museum of Unnatural History packed with exhibits recounting key moments in Zombies lore from the Aether and Chaos stories.

  • Havana, a classic Black Ops flashback set in the revolutionary streets of Cuba, featuring all-new Zombies-inspired twists.


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ZOMBIES: “Alpha Omega”, New Perk and Epic Elixirs

The Aether story returns in “Alpha Omega”, where fans can play as both the Ultimis and Primis crews for the first time in Zombies history. With 400% more area to explore than the original “Nuketown Zombies” and over twice as much written dialogue compared to previous Zombies experiences, “Alpha Omega” takes place after the events of “Classified” as different versions of Nikolai, Richtofen, Takeo, and Dempsey come together to solve the mysteries of an infested Broken Arrow testing facility.


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A new Perk and two Epic Elixirs are also now available on PS4 for all Zombies maps. The Blood Wolf Bite Perk spawns a wolf companion named Luna to help thin out the horde, and Phoenix Up and Head Drama return as Epic Elixirs in the Laboratory to give you and your squad a welcome leg-up against the undead. Check out the patch notes below for all the details.

Long-time Zombies fans will also be treated to a chilling new rendition of the classic “Damned” theme when they join the Zombies lobby. You may have heard its debut in yesterday’s Operation Apocalypse Z studio broadcast... if you missed it, check out the full recording here, including a special behind-the-scenes segment from the Treyarch Zombies team.

BLACKOUT: “The Haunting Fog” and “Alcatraz: Nightfall” Map Updates, Quads Fog and Alcatraz Horde LTMs + More

Both Blackout maps get a full makeover in Operation Apocalypse Z this week on PS4. “The Haunting Fog” takes over the main map with an eerie mist and rivers of blood, while “Alcatraz: Nightfall” plunges the prison island into darkness.


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Two new limited-time modes also launch with the Operation on PS4. Drop into Quads Fog for a spookier, more tactical Blackout experience where the fog is at its thickest, and test your skills against the undead in the Alcatraz Horde playlist featuring more undead, new Zombies enemy types, and more opportunities to score some new Zombies Wonder Weapons along the way. Zombies will also now attack player Equipment, including the new Sentry turret and Barricade.

Reaper’s Outfit Mission is also now available in Blackout on PS4 to unlock “The Numbers” camo in all modes, as well as new Humiliations to perform on downed enemies. Plenty of Easter eggs and new surprises await players in both updates maps, so drop into Blackout and keep an eye out as you fight to survive.


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BLACK MARKET: New Contraband Stream, Earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe, Two Additional Weapons + New Personalization Items

This Operation brings 40 new Tiers to the Contraband stream, including the “Wundergewehr 115” Koshka Mastercraft at Tier 20 and a new earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe at Tier 40. New personalization items have been added to the Black Market, including new weapon camos, Blackout characters, MKII Weapons, Zombies-themed outfits, the new Daemon 3XB Mastercraft, and more. Two additional weapons are also now available in Reserves: the new Reaver C86 auto-crossbow and Black Ops III’s lever-action Argus shotgun.

As a reminder, Ultra Weapon Bribes will always reward players with a Black Market weapon that they don’t already own, unless the player has already unlocked at least one variant of every existing Black Market weapon. In that case, Ultra Weapon Bribes will reward an additional weapon variant.

To clarify, players cannot receive the base version of a Black Market weapon from an Ultra Weapon Bribe if they already own the MKII version, unless they already own a version of every Black Market weapon currently in the game.


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Read on below for all the details on what’s new in today’s update:


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  • Multiplayer

    • Reaper now playable in Multiplayer, earnable at Tier 1 in the Contraband stream (PS4).

    • 3 Black Ops Pass maps added to rotation: Der Schatten, Remnant, and Havana (PS4).

    • Sticks and Stones game mode now in Featured Playlists (PS4).

    • Map Pack Moshpit added to Featured Playlists, including Der Schatten, Remnant, and Havana (PS4).

    • New weapon tuning for the Daemon 3XB.

    • Featured playlist updates on all platforms.

  • Zombies

    • “Alpha Omega” Zombies experience now available for Black Ops Pass holders (PS4).

    • New Perk: Blood Wolf Bite (PS4).

    • 2 Epic Elixirs added: Phoenix Up and Head Drama (PS4).

    • New Black Ops 4 version of “Damned” music now plays in the lobby (PS4).

    • Support added for new Black Market weapons and new MKII Weapons (PS4).

  • Blackout

    • “The Haunting Fog” and “Alcatraz: Nightfall” map updates (PS4).

    • Quads Fog and Alcatraz Horde limited-time modes (PS4).

    • Zombies Wonder Weapons now available in the Mystery Box (PS4).

    • Outfit Mission added to unlock “The Numbers” Outfit for Reaper (PS4).

    • Zombies-themed music now plays during infiltration (PS4).

    • New Humiliations now available (PS4).

    • Featured playlist updates on all platforms.

  • Global

    • New Contraband stream added to the Black Market, including “Wundergewehr 115” Koshka Mastercraft at Tier 20 and earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe at Tier 40 (PS4).

    • Reaver C86 auto-crossbow and Argus shotgun now available in Reserves (PS4).

    • New weapon camos, MKII Weapons, Zombies-themed outfits and more now available in the Black Market (PS4).

    • Various fixes for Contracts in Multiplayer and Zombies.

Community Admin Note: Patch Notes can be found in their respective sections of this community. 

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Official Apocalypse Z Livestream...



Offical Apocalypse Z Trailer...


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So annoying having to scroll through Apha Omega "ending cutscenes" and "EE gameplay/tutorials" to find the official trailer on youtube...


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I was hoping to see an update allowing bots and splitsceen in Blackout while offline gaming. I only bring this up since Im military and I am usually traveling and dont have stable connections in the countries i visit like Kuwait.

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I'm actually a bit surprised there has not been more custom options added to Blackout offline/custom mode. Zombies is probably the best bet for now for an offline mode for Black Ops 4. 

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