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If you're known to win more games then you have a higher chance at helping your team win.
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I think the games do have that, even in Infinite Warfare for two years I would get pretty good lobbies skill and connection wise but if I got in party of 3 or bigger, that’s all I would see and they would be from all over the place. I get it though, I got pissed with BO4 yesterday and switched to IW, went 50-12 in my first game and lost 94-100, some people say because the game is close then it’s okay but F that, I shouldn’t get half the kills and lose.

Brian Rooks
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@Tha_Mosiah wrote:

I promise you this game punishes you for being good. I'm always pinned against 3-5 man teams that run sweaty pub strats while my team is full of kids that were born without thumbs. My K/D is a 2.50 and my W/L is a 2.15 and from the time I started playing this game until right now my teammates have gotten worse. If there's some hidden skill based matchmaking, it needs to removed.

If you're playing console, it's 100% the built in aimbot (AA) Treyarch implemented.. 

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There is NO SUCH THING as "built in aimbot"


Where do you people come up with this garbage?

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@propipe wrote:

There is NO SUCH THING as "built in aimbot"


Where do you people come up with this garbage?

there just talking about the strong aim assist in BO4, its 2 strong.. gets me killed more times then not, especially when 2 people are side by side my ads gets confused who 2 focus on when im trying 2 melt 1 and the before you know it im dead and they both at 10% health.. so annoying usually im fighting the ***** aim assist

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