Best play with flamethrower is broken

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This has been a problem since the game came out. Firebreak seems like the only character whose kill based specialist ability never gets featured as the best play of the match. A lot of my friends play Prophet and it seems like their Tempest kills get play all the time. Even characters like Ruin, Seraph, Battery and Ajax don't seem to have a problem getting featured, but I've played Firebreak for probably 75% of my ~8 days of play time and I can't remember a time I've ever gotten the best play with the flamethrower.


This link is the worst I've seen. A 9 person feed overtaken by a 3 person feed. I know the whole 9 person feed wouldn't have fit in the best play, but there had to be a stretch of kills in there more deserving than the one that got featured. 

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There's no Rhyme or reason as to why something get's chosen as "play of the game"

I've watched it just be 2 kills all shots to the body or using up like a solid 15 seconds to watch a guy kill 2 people and then right at the very end of the play he starts to fire at a 3rd one about 10 seconds after the first 2 players died.

I've always seen some half decent plays actually get showcased. Someone on the forums had mentioned the reasoning as to why they felt (or had read somewhere) it chose what it did.

I personally think it's got to do with points and medals obtained/challenges completed within the play of the game but even then that's probably stretching it as it's unlikely with some of these plays the individual just racked up some massive challenge points in the background that don't show up on screen.
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The " logic" for play of the game are flawed anyway. 

Ww2 had the same. Than multiple people tried to find out the logic.

In ww2 it wasn't amount of kills, xp earned, medals, headshots. 

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