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Black Ops 1 Weapons List:


1 Handguns


1.1 ASP


1.2 Colt M1911 Variant


1.3 Colt Python


1.4 CZ 75


1.5 Makarov PM


1.6 Tokarev TT-33


1.7 Walther P38


2 Submachine Guns


2.1 Heckler & Koch MP5K 


2.2 IMI Uzi


2.3 Ingram MAC-11


2.4 M1A1 Thompson


2.5 MP40


2.6 OTs-02 Kiparis


2.7 PM-63 RAK


2.8 PPSh-41


2.9 Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion


2.10 SITES Spectre M4


2.11 Sten Mk II


2.12 Type 100


2.13 Walther MPL


3 Assault/Battle Rifles


3.1 AK Hybrid


3.2 AKS-74U


3.3 Colt USAF M16 (Colt Model 604)


3.4 "Commando"


3.5 Enfield XL64


3.6 FAMAS Valorisé


3.7 FG 42


3.8 FN FAL


3.9 Gewehr 43


3.10 Heckler & Koch G11 K2


3.11 IMI Galil ARM


3.12 M1 Carbine


3.13 M1 Garand


3.14 M14


3.15 Steyr AUG


3.16 Stoner 63


3.17 Sturmgewehr 44


4 Shotguns


4.1 Beretta Model 682


4.2 Double-barreled shotgun


4.3 Franchi SPAS-12


4.4 High Standard Model 10


4.5 Ithaca 37 "Stakeout"


4.6 KS-23


4.6.1 KS-23 with Harpoon


4.7 Winchester Model 1887


4.8 Winchester Model 1897


5 Machine Guns


5.1 Browning Automatic Rifle M1918A2


5.2 GE M134 Minigun


5.3 Heckler & Koch HK21E


5.4 M60E3


5.5 RPK-74


6 Sniper Rifles


6.1 Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum


6.2 Heckler & Koch PSG-1


6.3 Karabiner 98k


6.4 Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine


6.5 SVD Dragunov


6.6 Type 99 Arisaka


6.7 Walther WA 2000


7 Launchers


7.1 China Lake grenade launcher


7.2 M72 LAW


7.3 M202A1 FLASH


7.4 RPG-7


7.5 RPzB 54 Panzerschreck


7.6 SA-14 Gremlin


7.6.1 "Valkyrie"


8 Emplaced Weapons


8.1 82-PM-37


8.2 AGS-30


8.3 BGM-71 TOW


8.4 Browning M2HB


8.5 DShK heavy machine gun


8.6 M60


8.7 M134 Minigun


8.8 MG42


8.9 Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun


8.10 FIM-92 Stinger Dual Mount System (mockup)


8.11 FN M249E2


9 Explosives


9.1 F1 hand grenade


9.2 M7 Gas Grenade


9.3 M18A1 Claymore


9.4 M34 White Phosphorous grenade


9.5 M67 hand grenade


9.6 M84 Stun Grenade


9.7 Mk 2 hand grenade


9.8 MK3 Offensive Hand Grenade


9.9 Model 24 Stielhandgranate


9.10 RGD-5 hand grenade


9.11 RGD-33 stick grenade


9.12 S-Mine


10 Attachments


10.1 GP-30


10.2 GSN-19 "Kanarejka"


10.3 Knight's Armament Masterkey


10.4 M203A1 grenade launcher


10.5 Underbarrel Flamethrower


11 Other


11.1 Crossbow


Most of these guns will return but, most likely it will be reskin. Treyarch will add about 50% of these Weapons.  I personally believe they should add all Black Ops 1 but, I be happy if they add 50% of Black Ops 1 Weapons. Also, I believe Treyarch should add WAW, Black Ops 2, and Black Ops 3 Weapons. It would make the game look better. I hope they add these guns in Black Ops 4 soon.




1. What gun from Black Ops 1 is your favorite?


2. What guns from Black Ops 1 would you like to see come to Black Ops 4?


3. Would like Treyarch to reskin Black Ops 1 Weapons or keep them original?


4. What is your favorite Sniper from Black Ops 1?


5. Will Black Ops 1 Weapons fit in Black Ops 4?


6. Would you like purfire gun from WAW to come to Black Ops 4 Blackout?


7. Should Black Ops 1 Weapons be only in Zombies or Multiplayer or Blackout or all of them? 


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1. Galil is my favorite weapon from Black Ops 1.

2. All of them.

3. I would like Treyarch to reskin the Black Ops 1 Weapons.

4. SVD Dragunov and would like it to be in Black Ops 4.

5. It wouldn't fit in Black Ops 4 if they keep them original but reskin the weapons would be perfect.

6. The purfire weapon would be great and matchup with the Specialist character called Firebreak.

7. All Weapons should be in Blackout and some Black Ops 1 Weapons in Multiplayer, and Zombies.

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I’m pretty certain that the very most you will see is 1/2 guns from BO1 and that’s at a long stretch as well. They will not introduce those weapons into the game.
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I know. I was giving the list of all Black Ops 1 Weapons. Just in case you forgot some of them. Treyarch will add some of these Weapons. Most likely reskin guns. You didn't answer any of the questions I ask. 

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Quality not quantity and this game is drastically lacking in quality. Do we all really want them to keep bringing the same old stuff back or copy and pasting?. This game was made right out of the copy and paste manual. Blacks Ops 3.5.


I am waiting for the "This years CoD  will save the franchise and it will be better than the current CoD"


I have heard this being said for years now and each CoD is worse than the last. People never learn, then whine and then buy the next iteration.


Cod will never change unless fan boys stop buying it.


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in reply to DRAGON17FIRE

The only thing I liked from BO1 was the decoy grenades.

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You absolutely don't have a favorite weapon from Black Ops 1. Why decoy grenades? What wrong with Black Ops 1 Weapons? 

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Are you stupid?

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I am not stupid. I was giving a Black Ops 1 Weapons list. Did you read my questions and other answers that I replied to other people. Read the whole thing. Treyarch will add some of these Weapons. I believe they will add 25% of these Weapons.
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There is nothing wrong adding more guns to the game as long it fits with the rest of the guns. We mostly would see guns reskin. You know in Black Ops 4, Treyarch reskin some Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3 Weapons. Black Ops 1 Weapons would return as Reskin Weapons. Only guns that will stay the same will be World At War Weapons to keep them original since they are not part of Black Ops Series. If Treyarch can reskin some Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3 Weapons, I am pretty sure they can reskin Black Ops 1 Weapons. 

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