Black Ops 1 Guns Returning in Black Ops 4 !

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Adding 25% of these weapons will be no good. We need the whole weapon for it to be useful. Smiley Very Happy

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Before adding more stuff. They should make the game run better.

Quality beats quantity

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It's not the developers who created the game. It's the console which runs better quality. The developers only can fix the game crashes, glitches, and, lags. The developers can only get best quality from console developers. When they receive the feedback about the consoles, they can make some tweaks to the game make it fun smooth. It's not the developers fault for making the look bad because they are just following the trend with rest of Call Of Duty. Call Of Duty started when Infinity Ward created Infinity Warfare. Infinity Ward sucked because they tried to follow the trend but, failed to create what fans want. Black Ops 4 needs to have reskin Black Ops 1 Weapons. If you have any problems with the game, you should tweet Treyarch on Twitter. Trust me! The game will get better by Spring. The next DLC is in February.
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