Black Ops 3 is better and Black Ops 4 is trash

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if you prefer blops 3, play blops 3. nobody is forcing you to play4.

im diggin 4 for the record. 

specialists are a great feature

maps are good, old and new

more specialists are coming

blackout is great

equipment in blackout mixeds things up a bit

9 bang should be a specialist equipment because its powerful.

crash is useful.


opinions. great eh. 

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I agree with original post.

Thank you for being brave enough to share your thoughts despite these forum participants that feel no ones opinion matters but their own. And for some reason must attack other forum participants.

I urge you to report those that you feel have tried to surpress your opinion and or trying to demean you.

As i have reported two already within this very thread.

Again, i despise bo4. Ww2 is where its at.

Thank you my friend.

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Have you noticed on these forums that apparently 2 versions of the game exist?

You have all the complaint threads complaining about essentially the Apocalypse taking place within in the game, then people respond explaining why in their opinion certain things simply aren't much of an issue because X,Y,and Z but the OP gets angry saying those people must be users of said items or things or just fan boys if they can't see the issues. No one experiences the same issues in these games or considers the same things an issue.

Weapon balance items are extremely subjective depending on ones awareness in a game and map movement and simply ability to cope with something. The definition of insanity is a real thing when it comes to the weapon balance issues most people put forward along with extreme exaggerations of the things they are experiencing within the game vs people who simply do not encounter such things always being told we're just fan boys defending a company. I mean heck(wow i censored myself) I personally despise 3arc as a COD Developer as I've major issues with how they changed the core meta of the COD games from Original Infinity War and MW3.

Sledgehammer IMO had yet to prove themselves worthy of even having full control over a game (Advanced warfare) followed by WW2 in which the weapon balance was so incredibly poor it wasn't uncommon to see only 2 weapons in the kill feed every single game and I was solid at that game. Most complaints i tend to notice depend greatly on one own personal accomplishments within the game.

If they are consistently doing well,chances are they don't complain much because it's not affecting them or, they decided to join the issues and just roll with the game until the meta changes again. Other's who seem to complain a fair amount almost certainly aren't doing well within the game and feel the reason for such a thing has more to do with the game/set ups within the game vs them not adapting or finding ways to counter whatever is bugging them and their rage is on a knifes edge every match and as soon as something kills them they turn it into their own personal torture match trying to kill that person and the set up that annoys them by running directly into it over and over.
I truthfully don't care what game one does or does not enjoy, but when you come to forum and complain about something and are presented with a different view point of why others disagree with it or ways in which things aren't as strong person makes it out to be, the conversation will delve into the ones saying it's not that big of an issue just telling the other person they might as well quit if they can't adapt or simply aren't as good as they seem to think they are. Which truthfully, if there's a strong set up and you have moral codes about using it and rage about getting killed by it because you refuse to it yourself that's on you. As these sort of things were always in the game but rarely complained about as most used them themselves.

Hell as is with the case of this post, most of these "issues" are completely personal opinion. A few complaints about certain Specialist not being in the game (That's moot has nothing to do with the current game it self, they aren't in it, deal with it or play BO3)

Saying one specialist is incredibly horrible (for no reason at all, so that's pretty much a pointless complaint)
Complaining that one ability Combat Focus was given to the "horrible" specialist instead of being back with Seraph and her Gun.
Disliking Mesh Mines vs HIVE more because many people run engineer to see the mesh mines and everything else while in BO3 you rarely saw people run such a perk so unless you HEARD or saw the Hive you were dead. So my assumption being that complaint is more about not getting more cheesy kills then it is about the "effect" being better in BO3.

Guns "feel weird" that's 100% subjective. Some people like how guns feel, some don't. You can't argue with that opinion.

But complaining about certain specialist being bad or not being bad can very much be argued. Crash is an extremely useful specialist. I get my special ammo+Max ammo when I pick it up, teammates give me points by grabbing it, and I get a ton of points from using his healing ability. That's pretty ***** effective for a good amount of the time also allows me to not use comsec.

But I must be a fan boy.
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True Story.

The New Maps came today. Garbage.

Just like Prophet's Seeker and Nomads *****-Dog.

Oh - I forgot the Titan. Really fair game. Good job, Treyarch. Keep up the good work.

I wish I could enjoy the game.



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Nomad was better when he had the H.I.V.E. and rejack for abilities.
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I think  is the best black ops I ever played  and yes I've played all black ops available in playstation sorry for those that don't  like it but at the end is like everything some like it some dont 

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