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I used to get 25 ms ping, I travelled for 15 days came back now I get 150 ms ping on the same server I used to get 25 ms on because my friend who lives near me still has 50 ms ping that he used to have before. 


Things I have tried: 


- Reboot to change Public IP address

- Port forwarding

- Use different DNS servers

- Change IP address

- Use wifi 

- Change ethernet cable

- change PS4 

-redownloaded game

- deleted caches 

- rebuilt database 


My internet speed is 150 download so thats not an issue. I REALLY NEED HELP to get my PING back :[

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Unless you use a router like a Netduma you don´t know if you´re on the same server.


Either you play on the same server but the routing has changed giving you a crappy ping. Or you´re connecting to another continent.

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