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Come on activision we are not all teenage gamers! ( although the game is for 18+)

why have you speeded up the game so now it has gone from a joke to a f@#king joke

you do realise that people like me who regularly pay you thieves £100 for your games would like to enjoy the game and feel the money spent was worth it, which currently your game is not!


when will you start to listen to the people spending their hard earned cash on your games in the hope that you cater for everyone over the age of 18

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There are blackout games, where I literally go on the toilett during the game because it is so slow Smiley Very Happy #oldpplproblems #Ineedapissbag
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Lol, I've done that before. I landed Estates and had the zone the whole game. Camped a corner and took a nice long smash. Came back and was somehow still alive. I wanna say I won that game, but who knows. It was quite a while ago.
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