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This is just a topic I wanted to start for more active community players to contribute ideas for the black ops 4 blackout game mode. I am in no way afilliated with treyarch or activision, I doubt they will even read this. But on the off chance they do, what would you like them to put in blackout? This could be map ideas, features, anything that you think would improve it. Hopefully, if this post gains enough popularity, some might come true

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This is an idea I thought of originally for fortnite, bringing a perk system to the battle royale genre. I think this could be instituted similar to the perk system call of duty already has in place for multiplayer, where you can get little things that slightly help you without breaking the game. I think this would be a fun addition to the gamemode and would improve it greatly. Call of duty prides itself in going above and beyond other games in its genre and experimenting with new ideas, like how you are already putting zombies in blackout. I think if anyone can put this feature in fluidly and be successful with it, it's call of duty.

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I saw some zombies on the new trailer as well, not sure if it's just one map like that or all maps.

It would be dope as hell if zombies come after you in the dead zone, that would make my day.

Like vehicles would be disabled inside the dead zone and you have to run to safe zones/ areas while a mob of zombies are after you, that would be so epic...

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Great servers/connection


Connection based matchmaking



Easy to use inventory

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Players caught in the gas should be turned into zombies and said player can now be a zombie in the game instead of just being out.


(player cannot win battle royal but has option to keep playing as an extra) 

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Blackout should continue to add all maps from previous call of duty mutliplayer mode.


Blackout should also have more perks to pick up besides that the game is excellent.

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they should do a mode where teams arent formed until you hit the ground...and somehow it selects your team based on whos-closest-to-who....

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Do they read these ideas I haven't seen a reply or anything stating that they have acknowledged your input ?
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Needs a night map for added sneaking around. Perhaps switch the map around once in a while, maybe replace Array with WMD or whack the Hazard golf course somewhere, you get the jist.
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Yeah and they would could add flashlights too maybe

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