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I am level 4 i am not so good at the game and this game makes stupids MatchMakings today i was playing and i get a big surprise that a level 80 killed me ...Seriously this game has one of the worst matchmaking of those who i have tried how it is that a level 4 does something toto level 80 practically for me atleast i am a casual player and i not a tryharders like they


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Level isn't skill, just time played. Everyone else had to learn by playing whoever was playing, it's not their fault you started after them.
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What ever about balancing matchmaking in multiplayer and is it a genuine topical debate. But matchmaking balancing in a battle royale game. What are you sniffing ? What BR game balances the lobby based on level ? NONE. You don’t have better weapon attachments or better perks everyone is on a level playing field a players level is only ... ya know what f**k it I can’t be arsed
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Level says nothing about skill.


And how should skill be determined in blackout.

Kills? Wins? Avarage placement?

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Everyone has told you about level one thing about blackout is also a certain amount of luck as well when gettting geared. Not saying it is all luck but the more you play the more you will figure out how to go about playing diffrent styles of game play, when to engage when not to etc. Just be patient and keep at it. bad netcooding doesnt make it any easier but as long as you are enjoying yourself and progressing a bit at a time you should get there. i played a solo where i had just a rampart and some bandages everyone had already looted and managed to get some kills and slowly gear up but it took pateince and tactics. i didnt get the victory but did come in third. Just keep at it and have fun. 

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as a recent PM, i've defeated a squad of PM's with low prestige/low level players on my team.

as a new player, you're going to have a hard time vs. 90% of the player base and thats not something matchmaking can fix. I actually find MM OK in multiplayer (given there aren't many players grouped up) and notice that for the majority of the time the top players in a lobby are on opposite teams.

Having said that, Bo4 is a very user friendly shooter (with some guns having essentially 0 recoil) and you should get up to par with an average player as a new player in a matter of weeks (if not days).
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Dude, you'd be sitting in lobbies waiting for like 2 hours until the game found 100 players at your 'level'....
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Because there are no matchmaking peramiters in blackout... It's a battle royale. Not everyone is supposed to be the same skill level. That's how battle royale games work. 

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It's not hard to get to lvl80. I was lvl 81 2 weeks after the game launched. I kill multiple lvl 80s pretty much every game. At this point, so many people are lvl 80 that if you aren't I don't even respect you as a player, lol. Frankly I wish they'd add more levels. 

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This should be corrected to state it's not hard to get to level 80 if you have the time.

For someone who's playing a few hours (at best) a night, level 80 is a long way off.
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