Blackout matchmaking is so bad

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This is exactly why I've always hated SBMM.  New players instantly want gratification with no effort.  I started playing CoD way back in its beginning and I'll be the first to admit, I got stomped in almost every match.  It just made me want to work harder and learn how to be good.  It comes with time I assure you.  But with that said, Blackout and the Battle Royal style is new to a lot of CoD players.  I never played Fortnight or any other game like basically I'm a noob all over again.  Sure some of the skills carry over from regular multiplayer, but I'm not doing as well as I thought I would.  But, like many years ago, it just makes me want to get better.  You will never improve if you just play other need your azz handed to you a bunch to get better.  Each death in Blackout should teach you something NOT to do in the next match...with the exception of deaths caused by poor hit detection...(which is very common in Treyarch titles).  Just keep it will win.

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