Bo4 = the worst cod I've ever played

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Game is terrible

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@Rubip11 wrote:

This game is absolute garbage. Full of bugs, lag, ***** matchmaking, kill counter and clan tag doesn't work on the guns, shoot 1st and still die even though I hit 5 bullets into the dude and he just shot me 3-4 times even when I have that ***** armour or crash's boost. This game is absolute garbage, unplayable. I have a great connection play other games with servers 4000km away from me  and I get 50 ping on a bad day, in this game I get 80 ping on a good day ***** you treyarch you even killed zombies with those changes. Btw thank you for making it impossible to have a slow zombie in early rounds!! Smiley Happy) Once again .***** you treyarch, the only company that made good games out of the 3 now you *****ed up legit lost the love I had for cod thank you treyarch... 

I agree what an absolute piece of crap. There's like a permant lag on Multiplayer where you shoot people non stop dead on and you still get killed. Not to mention the game is basically a rip off of Fortnite, and they've pandered to little kids that like garbage like Fortnite that are supposed to be too young to even buy this game. They took away Campaign mode to make basically an online only game, which is fine for those that like online games and no Campaign. The layout of the whole menu system is trash too, it's a real pain to navigate and stupid on the whole. The staple Grenades are so late in levels is crap too, you have to be 45 before you even get Grenades. Having people be able to choose their respawn and come in behind you is pathetic.


The Tier system screams Fortnite and the whole game is so heavily geared for pay to win it's disgusting. It's not like they don't want enough out of people having to pay for the game + map packs + PS Plus or Xbox Live.


I regret even buying this game, and wish I'd looked online first at how crap it is and the nothing but negative comments or reviews. I won't waste my time or money renewing my PS Plus sub to play this game, and after a few sessions that I have played it now turned me off it.

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Ywhwn you play multiplayer have you noticed that in almost every match there’s a team that’s way better than he other. Like you start off and one team has 32 and thre other has 12 it’s like they don’t balance it anymore or people are cheating. I’m trying to unlock the gold camp for all my assault rifles and it’s hard playing when u have a team that’s clearly better or cheating 

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I’m playing it now and it’s just terrible quality 

the game is so whack and boring .

by far the worst one Iv ever played 

next one il have to try and borrow someone else’s before deciding to buy another cod 

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Sounds like u just suck dude.... Don't complain about a game cause ur bad at it!!!!!! I've been playing bo4 since release and I don't have any issues losing gunfights and when I do I can accept that I lost ur problem is rather than trying to improve at the game u just complain about it and make excuses


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Bro , if i get ping 30 and flickers above that , I cant play the game .

It so *****ed up and im now for some reason getting ping 30 and above all the time. I am continuously backing out of games due to this.

When my ping hits the 30 and above mark , my aims all off, shots dont register properly , im being shot round corners.

This game is truely horrific with lags and ***** servers. I can hands down say this is the worst online gaming experience i have ever had with this title. Its so *****ed up i cant express how pissed off this crap makes me.

If my ping flickers between 20-30 then its barable, but not 100% . I can still get decent games between that range but with a lot of bull***** too and thats how this titles been with me since release . A real dissapointment .

when the new ones out and if its an improvement , i will get ***** . but if i read a heap of lagging reviews , COD can ***** off

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Actually Ive found the same thing If I am pinging between 30 and 50 I am not losing gunfights I am dead before even seeing anyone. Its like a turkey shoot. I spawn run and dead. It is to the point I dont even enter a game before I check the ping. If its over 30 forget it. Now that the game is winding down the match making is well interesting. Now I realize master prestidge doesnt guarantee anything but I entered a game where every player on the other team was MP. Really? You also have parties running around so good luck with that. 

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