Bo4 = the worst cod I've ever played

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@Dante2k wrote:
When bo1 was released I went back to mw2 lol


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I agree 

this game has definitely killed it for me on cod releases in the future . The game is unplayable in my opinion and lags just make it pointless to play the game . I turn on every day to see if there’s a fix but end up playing about 1 hour and just turning the thing off . There’s major frame rate , lags , server issues that need addressing . If it was possible to get my money back I would . Deffo a higher body or ombudsman need to look into the game quality , this isn’t fit for purchase . Even bought a PS4 pro to see if that would sort the lagging issues out . The games just a dud . 

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Ya this game has ruined call of duty for me too, will never buy again.. This game requires no talent now, just smash keys and die over and over to specialist attacks.


They must had been smoking crack when they released this garbage. Loser fankids want to preach that this is some kind of god given game, it's not close to MW + MW2, BO1, BO2. This game is meant to appeal to kids now, or idiots who were never good at the COD's that actually required skill and brains


I figured I would try my first COD since it all went downhill with ghosts, this game is a *****ing joke now. operator mods, special abilities, spawn then die, spawn then die. I didn't think i would ever complain about claymore's, but all these special attacks and OP weapons and NO CLAYMORE or similar protection?? I'm going to go smoke some crack and see what it's like to think like a braindead fart





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In terms of multiplayer, this is the definitely the worst it has ever been. Horrible balance, horrible maps, overkill scorestreaks, terrible spawning, this game has it all if you are looking for a train wreck of an experience.

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Why is it bad? I played less than 10 hours on after I quit playing mw2 due to my job/family life/other priorities, and I only have about 6 hours in on this iteration,  but i enjoy it the most since MW2. I'm not seeing all these problems everyone is bitching about.

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If you played bo4 on the week of its launch you'd understand
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I agree it's one off the worst balanced COD. Scorestreak camping and one tricking all the way. This game doesn't take skill to master.56
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I'm 28 and I loved black ops so much. I also love this game and cannot fathom why people don't. The specialists are cool, no claymores you cry? Yeah they're called mesh mines. The camos are good, so are the maps and weapons Imo. My kd was 1.51 in black ops 1 but just 1.20 in this game so the no skill concept that gets banded about isn't true.
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If you think BO4 is the worst, then go back and play “Bal Warfare”. BO4 is one of the better COD games as of recent. The multiplayer is better than the last 4-5 games released, it has the best zombies since BO2. Oh and that “shooting first” problem you’re talking about, yeah, it kind of helps if you actually hit them. Just shooting first doesn’t mean anything when you miss, and you’re probably thinking “I didn’t miss though! This game is bad!” and won’t admit that you’re the problem. But when you only land 1-2 shots point blank with an SMG (which does less damage in exchange for a higher fire rate) and get hit by an AR that lands 1-2 shots (which does MORE damage in exchange for a slower fire rate) then yeah bud, you’re going to lose that gun fight. Time to learn to improve your aim 😁. But I guess to be fair you have to have friends to really enjoy this game, so sorry for you since you seem to have no friends to play with and have nobody else to play with as they hate hearing you rage and then see that you are blatantly wrong about the situation because you got killed in the POTG. 

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Lol, aha. Yeah, we probably miss our shots all the time. Thank you for the tipps.
Game playes a lot better now after aiming better. Thank god we have smart people like you.

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