Bo4 = the worst cod I've ever played

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Yeah ***** you trey arch ***** you your game finally made me puke ***** you worst cod ever matchmaking is ridiculously pathetic ***** youuuuuuuuuu give me my money back for your toilet trash ass game nothing but a bunch of nerds *****ing the real people over 

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I have NEVER heard someone complain like this before in previous COD game... never




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Let me put it this way. I was very good at black ops 3. Very good. On Xbox and ps4. I even took a year and half off and within a week was back to crushing. This game I've played almost 20 matches so far of varying game modes and have only won 7. I have a 1.01 k/d and every single lobby I've joined no exaggeration there has been at least one person with diamond or dark matter camo at least 5th prestige going upwards of 40/3 ekia on the enemy team. And you'll just say I'm not good, no skill. How then am I going to develop skill or get good at the game when I'm paired with fresh players like myself in my team and try hard faze wannabes on the opposite. The matchmaking is *****ed and if people are seriously going to try and defend the game or the people who play like this they're *****ed. I want nothing more than to love this game I want to be one of the good players again but after consecutive hours of being stomped almost every single game that's just no going to happen is it. 

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I havea 1.88 k/d


and i feel im average player


if u have a 1.07 u must be soing HELLA things wrong

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You need to give him some proper camping tips...
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The average k/d is around 1. How do you figure 1.88 is "average"?
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I agree. This game deleted after this post. Garbage game , 100%.

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This is by far the worst COD that I've ever played. I'm great at it but I truly dislike it as of now. Snipers are still overrated, one shot pistol is so mind boggling, annoying lag, aim assist truly takes away from the skill of playing the game, and soooo many more things that I could name. All it will take is for someone to make one good game and (COD WILL BE FINISHED FOR GOOD)

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I agree. The appearance of the game is good but the gameplay is the worst of all the franchise. Its horrible. It's fine for you to shoot first and die and have someone else shoot you and you die. It's the worst game I've played in a long time in cod. Ghosts worked better than this trash and people said that game was broken. If they don't fix this game which they won't l, I'm never going to buy another game from treyarch and maybe even cod games in general.

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I download free is *****e
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