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This game has been out long enough for Activision and Treyarch. By now they should have fixed the glitches. Theres sudden lag, the mics don’t work half the time, and sometimes the game just drops you from the server entirely. So I ask you what hell is going on Activision and treyarch? Its as though these big time developers and executives aren’t trying too hard anymore because they don’t care as long as the gravy keeps flowin. Their not fixing basic bugs and glitches nor are they tryin to think outside the box. Its 2019! where are the beautifully crafted masterpiece video games? And where are all the “good” games? Its the video game “hevies” that are killing good ideas and running with the same ideas over and over. Its like they’re not even trying anymore. And on pc theres even more issues..

So listen up! Treyarch..Activision.. your being put on notice..strap on your big boy pants and fix your game, start thinkin a lil bigger, come up with some new stuff (cause we will start holding ya responsible for regurgitated material that has inferior coding and intermittent glitches/bugs). Remember this warning unless you wanna see your customers replace your games with free lower level games like fortnight and PUBg. (It will happen if your fans get fed up). That’s your future if these trends continue...

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Fortnite is taking a lot of heat recently from what I've been seeing.
and I didn't think pubg was even relevant anymore or appreciated since fortnite arrived.




They don't care THAT much, they want something that's going to work for the majority of the people playing it and for people to spend money on MTs as long as that's the case then they are perfectly content as the games will continue to sell. For the complaints that are around the internet about various items being wrong in the game (whether warranted or not depending on the issue and if it affects the actual game play).


It's near instantaneous finding matches in at least TDM/KC/Domination on the PS4 so obviously most of the fan base isn't too fussed with these issues or experiencing them anywhere near as frequent enough as some others (which is possible, as there are people just on these forums that experience things I have yet to experience once it just happens)
As for where are the "good games"
Most franchises especially yearly to bi yearly releases are just there to make money, they will only ever slightly update the game in someway that's nothing special. COD added Blackout and the MP is basically as it usually is (which that's fine to an extent) BF is still BF but it's got more then it's fair share of bugs and lack of finished game...hence the free DLC is actually just content that was supposed to be finished for launch but now they are calling it DLC and giving it for free and people are falling for it.


Usually the great labor of love games tend to be one off games or console exclusive where the Developers only pressure is on themselves to make something note worthy and memorable (God of War,The Last of Us, Uncharted,Horizon Zero Dawn, Untial Dawn, Spider Man,Forza, Halo before Bungie gave it to 343) usually it's Console Exclusive games that are purely designed to be fantastic. While there are multi console games that you can tell love and care went into designing them (borderlands)

A great sign of how little Activision cares about the games as more then just a money maker....They just broke up with Bungie yesterday because "A lack of revenue and Bungies desire to go in a different direction"

Which realistically "Lack of Revenue" is code for "player base stopped purchasing the microtransactions and the way we had you release the expansion packs in such a delayed fashion over each games life cycle caused people to simply stop purchasing them"

The game made them plenty of money there's no question about it but they broke up with Bungie for the sheer fact that players stopped wasting money on stupid Emotes and other cosmetics especially when the game is...lackluster with it's story and the only replayability it has is to run through 3 characters....max them out and then rinse and repeat the Raids and such until you get the best gear and there's not even that much gear to be had.
1 day hopefully with IW's next game and the gang of old IW guys coming back they will put some real effort into bringing cod back to those days (which I felt were the most fun) but with money obviously being the driving force behind games it's unlikely for a yearly release.

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The pc side of things is awful.  Strange really.  I would think PC would of been easier to fix.  This company had many chances to keep its fans and it failed.  There is nothing at all rewarding about playing this game.  ON pc even with my buddies its just to grind for levels or challenges.  No real thrill anymore.  Hey COD has been around forever but sometime's its time to either sit back and let other devs take over this genre, or quit.  They made blackout because the general audiance likes BR.  Well that is losing popularity quick.  You can look at viewers on twitch and BO4 is looking like all the other non popular games.  Eventhough fortnite is a kiddie game , they pump out content constantly.  And lets not forget it was free.  I payed 70 for this game for what?  A new specialist?  IF i want to enjoy the news maps I gotta pay that too.  Since this game is losing popularity and nobody is buying the packs, its pointless to buy the new maps just so you can wait in the lobby forever.  

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COD in general has never really put my effort into the PC side of things (It's gotten much better compared to what it was early on)

I think the issue is there's only 2 real FPS games out there COD and BF that for the most part keep the same formula throughout their series and it's why people keep coming back. The games still sell incredibly well and even when there seems to be a massive amount of people saying "I'm never buying another COD again" next year without fail the game still sells as if no one actually left.

I honestly think the only people who tend to stop playing COD are just individuals who are getting older and have to do the whole adulting thing more often. I know I took a large chunk of WW2 off because it wasn't an enjoyable game to me and I had other things I could do with my time.
This game for me, is an hour or so a night of something I'm good at and enjoy. I'm not one for prestiging doing challenges I just like to do well in a game with a variety of weapons and that's enjoyable to me.

I've never really picked up a COD under the impression that it would stay super fresh throughout it's life cycle. If a game is enjoyable to me I'll play it a good bit.
Played COD4 for 2 years.
BO1 I had a stupid amount of playtime in.
MW2/MW3 similarly tons of playing time.
Ghosts I played an ok amount but nothing crazy.
Infinite Warfare was an ok bit of time but not crazy.
BO2/3 I put a solid amount of time into even though they weren't nearly as enjoyable to me as the MW Series or BO1.
Advanced Warfare I maybe played for about 3 hours before I stopped just waited for BO3 to come out.
So far this game hasn't disappointed me and I have about 3 days played on it so far.

Obviously it has it's issues especially the pay wall DLC method of maps this year. More content would be nice if it was quality maps vs just spitting out some new stuff that's crap (like these first 2 maps are)

COD provides me with what I need a quick escape and there's a few other games I'll put time into (Single player games for the most part or MLB The Show and FIFA) but shooter wise, I always give COD a chance.
I complete understand the lack of enthusiasm as a PC players considering what you guys have gone through over the years at least in relation to COD. I watch Xcal play a ton and it's not like the games a challenge to him,not even close he has something like a 8-10 K/D in the game and wins like 95% of his matches and he's maxed out every weapon camo wise but he just plays it to play it whether it's solo or with 1-2 buddies. It's really what you personally take out of a game in order to enjoy it. I'll give cod credit though it's never hidden what it was, I don't think many people expect this indepth shooter with tons and tons of content keeping it super fresh.

Games like fortnite have a solid system make a free to play game enjoyable to a large audience (I'm not a fan but i don't judge those who like it) and make millions off in game purchases because people will go "well the game IS free so what's a little money spent on the game" They provide tons and tons of content and constant updating so it makes sense, they just seem to struggle with preventing hackers from running rampant but that's a downside to some of those games.
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