Call of Duty needs to bring back Skill Base Matchmaking due to all the Camping going around

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I am getting tired of jumping into Lobbies with Parties of 2-3 & 4 players Parties as a Solo player and getting out numbeed In both Hardcore TDM Lobbies and Regular TDM Lobbies. I am wanting to know why there isn't Server lobbies for Solo players that just want's to play alone other than Free for All. I want a Solo Lobby for players of my own Skill level rather then Dealing with Newbies and Parties always sitting around and Camping for streaks in the Back of the Map and I am also getting tired of Jumping into lobbies that I am being forced to lose points because of Parties of 2-3 & 4 player parties looking to Spawn camp or sit in a Corner. 


Solo Play server Lobbies need come back and Skill Base Matchmaking needs to come back if these players want to sit around for Streaks they can't play for.

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As a suggestion, they should do a league. 

As an example if haven't prestiged yet then league 1  prestige 1 league 2 etc all the way to master.

So once you have completed to the next prestige level you go into the next league

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Um no they shouldn’t prestiging is a choice and time played does not equal skill.

also the OP is complaining about going into TEAM deathmatch as a solo player and the game not catering to him. 

They have offered solutions in the past by way of mercenary mode which for some is a good option. On this I wouldn’t mind seeing a permanent mercenary mode - but people can’t go into team based modes and complain that people are actually teaming up. Just sounds stupid right 🤡.

Also the OP constantly complains about campers and the biggest issue I see is people running too fast to feed the other team 2-28 helps no one. If you know someone is camping and can’t get them that is on you. 

So many ways to counter playstyles yet there are those that feel everyone needs to play one way.

easy solution go play agaisnst bots. 


Either way have yourself a good one 


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To a certain extent I do agree with him about MM needing a fix.  It does get tiring constantly being solo getting thrown in midgame when the enemy team is winning by 60 withstreaks galore going off.  Why would I wanna join a game knowing as soon as I spawn Im gonna get killed by a strike team or sniper nest?  


Now that is to say skill based will only make connections and ping even worse than it is now.  As a second complaint I am annoyed at constantly being put into games where every clantag is PR OR VZL.  Not one person being able to speak english and me not being able to speak their language.  Which in turn usually leads to 100+ ping lobbies, bad hit detection, and lots of WTF! moments.

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I won’t argue with you about being thrown in mid game as a majority of the time when it happens you get put on the losing team. Cause your right it does suck and I would lose that debate before it started.

Also do you think that you or others are being put into these matches becuase someone quit that match leaving an opening? 

I have had issues with past titles with being put into lobbies that I should never be in however for the past couple of titles I may just be lucky as u usually see people within my region. 

Most of my matches are from 25-52 ms ping so again I am on the good side of it for the most part.


either way I hope it gets better for you and have yourself a good one.

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1. It's team death match.

2. Is it the campers or the headless chickebs fault.

3. How would you determine skill?

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They also need servers in way more locations worldwide skill means nothing when every game is 120 ping or higher versus guy with 10 to 30 ping

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