Call of duty is about to die

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Just watching clips of the new modern warfare, seeing all these people quitting, Dev teams getting fired.....greed has taken over with Activision.  Money money money.  The micro transaction stuff is insane.  All the cool stuff everyone wants has a pricetag on it.  Ya you have certain crates and what not where you can get something cool but I feel they aren't giving enough back to the gamers.  I miss the days of modern warfare 2 and 3.  Even SOCOM.  Seems like every first person shooter is going downhill.  I had left cod for a brief time when battlefield came out and absolutely loved it.  Cod was in the past.  But it shows how quickly a company turns on its customers.  Battlefield was all about the gamer.  Just like modern warfare.  Then when you realize , hey let's charge for this and that and not care about our consumer anymore, it goes downhill.  Battlefield went down hard.  Unfortunately cod will always be around and people will continue to buy because there isn't another game to play that has this type of action.  If there was ever another company that wants to win over a lot of first person shooter fans this is the time to bring a game out.  


What are yalls thoughts.  Not trying to argue with anyone.  I just want opinions.  

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CoD died at the time when the microtransaction counted more than the playability and bugs.

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