Cheating and hacks ruining the game?

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I have been playing COD since the first game appeared.  I am a slightly above average player with a KD ratio of about 1.5, so while I am not elite by any stretch, I play almost every day and am at Prestige Level 7.  I am In the past 6 months it seems that some teams or individuals have obtained hacks that allow them to aquire air assets from the beginning of the game to the end.  A constant barrage from the skies most of the time with at least three assets at a time for the entire game.  God help you if you die and have to spawn, because you will die after taking three steps and respawn again just to die again, and again, and again, and again.  This is not part of a normal game.  Games, depending on who is against you are so lopsided that they are completely unfair and have nothing to do with learned skills.  I have been in many games where my teams score is under 30 by the end of the game.  A few days ago it was 15!  If it happens once, and do not bail out of the group, it will happen over and over again until I get away from playing against that team.  I am estimating that 2/3rd of the kills by the other team are from scorestreaks.  The rest are easy kill while our team is shooting up, running for cover, or accumulating in shelter.  

So, is this the result of an intentional move by the developers, or are the teams cheating?

Is anyone experiencing it?  I was advised to write a complaint to the developers, which I did a few months ago.  No reply.  It has become worse.


Also, at the end of games, the game summaries are getting reversed, showing the loosing team has won, reversing numbers, or not showing my teams stats at all.  Sometimes my user name and results show up on the other teams list, but with someone else's character.


This is all irritating and at best, extremely sloppy coding.  Worse would be hacks that are not being addressed.  Worst still would be that the developers think that having very one sided games that have nothing to do with experience and learned skills is the way to go.  If so, I will find something else to do.


Other thoughts?

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Game is trash, move on to a company that supports its playerbase. They have made it clear  that they are selling the cheats and have no intrest in any kind of anti-cheat.

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