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Ok, so three weeks later I was finally able to resolve Bo4 crashing at launch during the intro movie. I remember installing the game and having run perfect for about three days. However, as all enthusiust do, one day i began to fiddle around with the Network card settings. Mainly turning off all the offload settings. So today, while talking to support and following all their suggestions, i was able to recant the exact moment the game stopped working. The very second i changed the Network card settings. I simply went into the Network Manager settings in Windows, reverted all settings to default, and BOOM! I was back online within a matter of minutes. Apprently during the intro movie, the game is verifying your connection. Perhaps maybe even your NAT type. Either way, this FIX was the solution to my problem.


Things you want to check: 

1. Are you using any 3rd party network controller? (ie. Killer or Bigfoot)

2. Are you using any 3rd party window’s tuner? (ie. Advance System Care or the Razor equivalance)

3. Are you allowing BO4 all exceptions in Windows Defender and Windows Firewall?

4. Are you using GEForce Experience Overlay? If so, disable it. Even after reverting the network settings back to default, the game did not launch. However, this time it actually gave me a message regarding not having enough Video Memory. Im using a 11gig 2080 TI. Then i remember reading that GEForce Experience overlay causes crashes. Turned off the overaly, and Wala!

5. If all else fails, then you are in trouble. Cause believe me i tried EVERY single remedy suggested online and this was the ONLY thing that got me back online. Keeping in mind what the game is actually doing during the intro movie, logging into the server. So obviosly if you’re crashing there, its a connection issue. Aside offcourse from the GeForce Overlay.


Also keep in mind that there are many programs that can change your network settings without advisory. Uninstalling these programs or shutting them down will not fix the issue. You need to manually go into your network card settings and revert them back to default. Please let me know below if this worked for you so that others can begin the slow process of healing from the agony of watching BO4 crash time and time again....

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