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I mentioned this (along with a few others) in a couple different threads...just wanted to throw it out there on it's own in case someone important happens to read it...Smiley LOL


Free DLC maps would be great...if you're on it, perfect..if not, look into it...maybe then we could truly have ping based matchmaking..


Since you guys are changing so much, at least for a CoD game, you should or should've considered an open beta across all platforms...I have a feeling you're pushing some skeptical people to the other side of the fence with the changes, you should let anyone who wants to try it, try it without being tied to a preorder...just my opinion...

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There has been no indication of a Season Pass yet in PreOrders.

It could be an indication that they are going to skip the Season Pass this year.

If they are smart, all DLC maps will be included with Purchase. They should follow the Fortnite model and offer cosmetic only skins and camos. They can still do a Supply Drop system in MP but ranged weapons should be available to all, either through challenges or as DLC. They should never lock them behind a paywall. Fortnite and PubG have shown that if a game is fun, players will dump ridiculous amounts of money into it just for skins and such.
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