Death Effects not working after uodate

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Has anyone else been having issues with their death effects? Ever since the last update mine aren't working in the game. Before every game I have to choose the death effect I want to use and on which weapon I'm wanting to use it. However it's not showing up in game when I get kills and after the match is over it's been removed again and I have to reselect it. Why is it every time they do an update something else messes up. Even Hot Pursuit first came out I wasn't able to see others emblems or use emblem editor and paint shop. Months later it's still not been fixed, after me notifying them repeatedly about it.

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The same is happening to me it's annoying and I hope it gets fixed soon

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Yup have the exact same problem.. It is so freaking annoying.. Hope they fix it soon enough!! 

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Mine is doing the same thing. Smh it’s frustrating 

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Mine too. I thought I was going crazy.  Even tried loading them up then exiting screen and going back in. It's gone just that fast

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Same here.... once you start a game, the death effect becomes unequipped. 

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Same. Clearly an issue. Has it been acknowledged by Treyarch / Activision yet?
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Has anyone tried a hard reset if console.

As that can fix a lot of issues.

Shut down console. Unplug.

Wait 30 to 60 seconds depending on source.

Plug back in

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Even happens on a new console LOL.


I don't care though, as far as I am concerned they can do away with that sort of kiddy *****.

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Perhaps a class action lawsuits since these potentially bought items are defective. That will get their attention.

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