Declining enthusiasm for COD IV and Activisions and Treyarchs seemingly stubborn stance

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As the gaming pros who are followed by many of stated that this game is "broken"; the hit and knock downs are seemingly random, ie takes 5-8 eights shots to finish off a down opponent where one butt stock hit will do... its should opposite. shooting through the ground to hit opponents, inordinate number of shots on target to bring someone down. etc etc etc...Apex makes more sense more fair LESS frustrating as this game seems to make no sense.  Just look at your declining revenue.  Updating more prestige levels, colored parachutes doesnt fix how nonsensical this game plays.... If you would only and could see... a battle royal/ black out mode but simply have it play like Modern warfare'd have a more enthusiastic following...of 4 gamers in our home that used to play your franchise regularly, now theres barely 1. And you just can't get yourselves out of your stubborn mode... are we the gamers to be please as our money pays back investment...or are you too narrowly focused on pleasing your investors... doesn't declining numbers and criticism register with you guys... medals and shiney things are the not problem... heed this warning or further disinterest will spell your revenue doom.  Listen to us and if not, listen to the professional gamers that also have issue...

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Keep it simple stupid...KISS rule...its the game play not the accessories thats the problem....wake up

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F.uck the pro gamers is what I say...

Kids watching/ listening to them and giving them time of day on social media is one of the reasons Devs bow down to stuff and turn the game awful for some...

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I am not sure what it is, but Blackout is just boring to me.  I do like the multiplayer, and I am obsessed with Apex, and felt the same with fortnite, but Blackout...meh.

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Pro players, yet they can't play the game until it's tailored to their skillset? Certain things are banned in competition because the pro players hate it, are they scared because someone else who can master a weapon that they can't master will smash them?


I hardly call them pro players if they have to take things out, change the game until it suits them. Imagine professional sports players or teams being able to do this, sports competitions would be f*cked. And full of drugs.

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