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Sound is horrible in the game. I never camp, but you can never tell where anyone is(unless you are the camper) and then its still very hard to hear with all the ***** noise in the game. I win a lot of my game however I do not like dying because someone runs up the building where i just killed someone and shoots me in the back because all the needless noise from the game going on. They need to fix

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Evidently not as I and many others like me can not hear other players footsteps in any mode at all.

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I don't know what to tell you. I can hear people absolutely fine. Do you have your audio mixed too much towards party chat?

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the sound is inaccurate and inconsistent to say the least...sometimes I can hear people perfectly and sometimes can't even hear my teammate.  hell the trucks as loud as they are, the other day we were in the collapse running and a truck ran both of us over from behind becasue we couldn't hear those loud azz trucks cause they'd prefer the storm to sound louder... 

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Your headset must be broken.  I am not saying that in a mean way, but I have no clue how the footsteps would be weird.

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Footsteps are far from quite. I can hear them from the cargo ship if the enemy is by the road in front. Maybe they are using dead silence? If it's that big of a problem pop Awareness. If you want to improve in Blackout you have to make use of Equipment, traps, throwables, and perks.
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Yup...the footstep sounds in BlackOut are terrible. The directional quality is mediocre at best and definitely needs improvement, but my biggest gripe is your own footsteps and your teammates footsteps. I understand that the footsteps of my character and my teammates need to be loud for enemy players to hear, but they're are too loud for me and my team. 


They need to lower the volume of your & your teammates footsteps sound like to you, but keep the volume where it's at for how you sound to enemy players. My footsteps and my teammates footsteps are so loud, I often can't hear enemies around me. I also think it might be a good idea to make enemy footsteps a slightly different sound or pitch, compared to your own or your teammates. 


I know it makes no sense in a real life situation. obviously irl your own footsteps would be louder than someone 50 feet away from you, but it's a video game, and these changes would make the gameplay better.

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Just downloaded the patch and they are noticeably better in multiplayer. 

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