Game gets worse with every update....

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So I’ve been giving this game a chance because I just can’t stand Fortnite, but you make it harder and harder for me to stay with it and not buy PUBG.  Here’s a simple scenario that shows why this game is a floating turd.  I had an outlaw, it’s a *****ing sniper that hits like a truck.  I see a noob in his ***** level 3 armor crouching behind a rock.  I hit him with a head shot 5 times.  5 *****ing times!!!!!  All within 30 seconds.  He didn’t have time to heal.  Still survived.  I had to push and somehow he snuck down and flanked me with no armor, hit me with 2 stuns because he’s so bad one isn’t enough and hip shots me from point blank range because he can’t aim from a distance and kills me because your *****ing stuns are OP!!!  You’ve forced everyone to hunt for level 3 armor, stack reinforced and pray they find a Trophy System.  You need balance!  When your game starts making everyone play a certain way then you know it’s trash.  This is why your game is losing to viewers to fortnite and PUBG. This is why this will be the beginning of the end for this title.  Fix your ***** you joke of a company.  Remove armor repairs or have one level of armor with repair.  Reduce flash bangs to 2 seconds.  Reduce damage to players inside vehicles taken from clusters and trip mines.  I’m in an armored vehicle, grenades shouldn’t *****ing kill me if I have body armor.  You need an overall increase in TTK.  I don’t want to unload clip after clip after clip after clip after clip to kill one guy just to alert 10 others near by.  You’re forcing players to not kill and just creep around until the end.  Do all this and I bet you see player count rise.  Views on Twitch will rise.  Then call me with a 6 figure contract because I saved your ***** game.  Your welcome.

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It’s complete garbage and only getting worse. Vonderclown is too incompetent to save Blackout. It could have been epic. I bought PUBG for PS4 and it’s a really nice change. At least in PUBG the looting system works, footsteps work, you don’t have to hit someone with 100 bullets to kill them and the armor system and grenades aren’t a complete joke. Trasharc is just lazy and will not fix the game because they already have their money. Last Trasharc game I ever buy.

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 I and most other people disagree. Thanks for stopping by though. Honestly I think fortnight might be a better game for you. Lots of kids play that game.  I do have a couple of complaints including the level III armor issue and  graphical glitches here and there but other than that black out is pretty solid. Because you are bad at it doesn’t mean that it needs to change all that much.

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Sums it up perfectly. There's nothing wrong with the game. Yeah armour is a pain and snipers and scopes come separately, but other than that??


One slight issue also which is actually favourable is that the circle really likes the turbine area, every other game is turbine and I use that to my advantage, however all my wins have been in green fielded areas Smiley Happy 

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Says the guy who probably posts up at the top of a building with trophies, razor wire, mesh mines and a sensor dart and 0 zero kills.meanwhile I'm already 10-15 kills deep by the time I find your creeping ass and have exhausted the 25 grenades it would take to get you out of the ***** building. This game is so broke it's not even funny. All you have to do to see this is commit to an of hour playing with random quads just to see what a majority of these dips strategies are. 9 out of 10 games all any body wants to do is run if they hear shots in the distance and barricade themselves in somewhere. You can literally run around with a daemon without armor and destroy squads. There's a reason nobody streams this game anymore. "Thanks for stopping by".

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They should take all the armour away and have core MP life... people may possibly not need to carry so many concussions to get a chance on killing someone.. you would have killed him with your first headshot and everyone could stop crying about grenades....
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Blackout is far from perfect, but still the best BR out up today. I am still not pleased with ttk, especially when wearing any kind of armor...but anyway. I dont think they will change armor again.

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@fupsen wrote:

Blackout is far from perfect, but still the best BR out up today. I am still not pleased with ttk, especially when wearing any kind of armor...but anyway. I dont think they will change armor again.

Blackout is no where near the  best !!! This mode is plauged with bugs and problems, their server's don't help not only in blackout mode but in multiplayer as well.

The COD franchise has shifted direction for the worst for several years in a row.

If you want the best BR game just wait for Insurgency Sandstorm !!

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I went with Pubg thru the "preview version" state till the full release, and all i can say its night and day compared to Blackout. Sure, BO has its bugs and weird situations sometimes, but its all 10x worse in Pubg. If you wanna see a very poor performing game, you should try this.

So i am ok with the current state of Blackout. Could be better, but could also be a lot worse.

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What doesn't make sense to me is you can find weapons and equipment a lot faster than pubg so explain what really is the need for armor.?   PUBG on the other hand you might get lucky and find a pistol after an hour.  So armor makes more sense on that game.  You can have your best guns in the first 5mins of BO4.  Just let people destroy one another and turn the game into arcade mode.  Problem solved.  Remove the armor all together.

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