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I am so tired as a solo player getting matched against full clans. Not only that it really seems that your system is sub par even in solo pubs. I’ve played hours of COD I’m not sure why BO4 matchmaking is complete garbage.

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It's just how the game works.


You go with a party, thrash the other team with scorestreaks until they leave, new players arrive and they start leaving as well.


Annoying? Sure.


This week the playlists are total ass so you can easily spend an hour looking for a decent game. Every time it's a join in progress in Deathmatch Dom or in the Mercenary OBJ it's SND or Heist and nobody wants to play that.

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Based on when I had too much free time.

Of the 500+ players I looked at when you could use 3rd party sites to check stats.

The average K/D of a BO4 player was around a .75
Truthfully,that's not far off from every other COD game at the end of the day.
As we know rank means nothing in terms of skill.

The matchmaking is what it is.
If a party of 3+ players joins a lobby chances are YOU will not be on that team at least not very often if the lobby stays together.

As a decent player I've never cared about a challenge in a match and trying to beat a clan. The issue you NEED to have at least one half decent player on your team...other wise you're just attempting to out pace 5 players deaths which is near impossible as they just run blindly into an organzied team over and over and then streaks are all over the place.

It's extremely rare to see a lobby (at least in my opinion) that was more than 2 players in it that has a 1.2-1.5+ K/D overall (actual K/D not EKIA/D) the only time that really occurs is if a party shows up and then you could argue that's skewed too because of the party.

The game does seem to try and "split" the better players up onto opposite teams at least it used to in previous games and the rare times a lobby stays together and it has mostly randoms it definitely seems like if 2 players are basically just running their individual team they stay seperated until a small party joins and then the game sticks them together (not always but it seems to happen that way)

If there's a party of .85 K/D players and 1 let's say 1.5 K/D player. and Your team is full of You (1.5+K/D player we shall say) and the rest of your team is less than .85 there's a good chance the communication alone will cost you the match. Happens constantly for me. I just deal with, it's why I don't care about w/l anymore because I play solo and it's really out of my hands. Typically if we win....I did the majority of the work and my teammates went even. if we lose...I again carried and my team went a combined 20-80

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The weapons irk me more than the matchmaking.  Yes it's frustrating but adding a one shot kill crossbow to the game as a standard weapon was stupid.  Outrider is now useless as you have her permanent specialist ability.  

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