Give pc players their money back

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Cant even get 40 players in a lobby even when the game is ftp. Do the right thing and give us our money back.

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I've said it before and I know some won't like it... But..

I dont know why any online gaming company caters for a system which can be manipulated so easy.. well I do know because people keep buying the stuff and it's profits but there's always a chance what you see now is what you're going to get... Players drop like flies and then the PC modes get watered down to try keep lobbies open and moving...

Essentially the decent folk get screwed both ways, you get hacked to death and then for punishment for not cheating yourselves, you get less game modes, less lobbies etc..

I'm not saying it ALL to do with cheaters but players do drop once they suspect/come across it. Numbers drop which in turn games drop which in turn modes drop which in turn, ruins the genuine players gaming.. it's a viscous circle yet EVERY year, the PC community turn up in droves to do the exact same thing...

I've also said a million times, that we as players are also responsible for each others gaming experiences good or bad... The only bad experience I want anyone to have regarding gaming is when they face me fair and square in a game....
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cheaters have nothing to do with why most people left. coming from somone who actually plays the game. or at least attempts to. it was do to *****ty handling poor servers. and no content. saying its hackers is excusing a 60 dollar game being handled like ***** while people are pooring even more money into thier crap skins they put maybe 30 min of thought into.

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Cheaters have been the reason I stopped playing CoD on PC a long time ago. PC became unplay & unenjoyable. In any way I feel sad for the PC community, I got some good "friends" over there.

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