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Seeing the release of the new google online service I was wondering if online games like COD could be streamed. Essentially they claim that testing has no lag. So if that is the case what are the support responses on this site gonna be? Call Google to reset your server or power cycle it.

The stats are interesting and higher than the X1 X and possibly better than what PS & MS will be releasing next but I'm concerned over the whole thing relying on the internet and no physical device as such. How can they detect someone tampering and modding the controller? Is no lag a myth in itself? Depending on location could COD be streamed in this way and still play as well as it can on a console or as badly as it can?


Apparently the test game was assassins creed that is single player but just wondered what others thought as its claiming it will revolutionise gaming and make consoles and PCs redundant. I'm sure there are a lot of limiting factors I missed

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I've only read the tiniest bit about it so I can't really make a judged comment in great detail. I'm personally a bit dubios about the whole scenario, not forgetting a tad un nerving that one party could dominate the whole market.... that leads to trouble Imo and a heck of a load of cash on the buyers part...

I remember back in the infancy of skytv and my teacher basically wrote the script of what sky has now become.. (I refuse to have it but that's another story). I use that because that's how I see it happening should it kick off.

They can't guarantee no lag imo as much as they spout it, your provider will just get the blame.

The concept of it seems half decent and I could see it appealing to many people although the Cheat detection would be something I'd have to seriously look into. I'd have to take serious advice from my younger brother before even thinking of it but I fear/think I know the answer to that one...

The most important note for me is that I only play cod online and with the notion of monthly charges, it would most likely signal me hanging up my control pad..

Up to yet, what I've read, there's nothing which makes me think id go for it....
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