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If hardcore blackout returns they should edit it a bit. For example i understand they took out the vehicle so noobs dont go around trying to run everybody over. But at least include the boats and choppers to get to far zones.  I tend to be one of those that likes to land on edgy areas like nuketown, estates, and factory for example. Fukking gamemode is obsessed with ending in asylum and turbine.


   That brings up my second point. Can these developers fix this not random zone thing ? Zone tends to be the same 3 spots on LTMs. And i know i might be speaking for myself only in some peoples opinion, but why dont you ask that question to the people deep in blue with wether team mates or enemy ? 


    I get the HUD out thing like hardcore multiplayer, but add the quick equip to hardcore blackout. And can somebody tell me why do bolt action sniper rifles that are supposed to be one hit kill to the head, chest and shoulders do not perform so ? 



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