How to play against friends in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Online SOLUTION!

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So COD used to let you join ur homie in a session and randomize the teams, so you can take braggin rights at the result of the match. Well BO4, seems to stop this from happening; everytime you join they put you in the same clan automatically. This was pissing me off just like y'all. The internet didnt have any answers and i love dominating my friends. I had to find a solution!! And i did.... So without further ado here's the fix. So its kinda tricky, when ur in the match lobby with ur friends, you need to immediately leave the game, alone, and go to "players met." This will give you a list of all the foo's in the lobby u were just in. Now instead of rejoining ur friends, you need to join another RANDOM person in that same lobby. Now time is of the essence cuz, dudes leave the lobby and games tend to fill up quickly! IWhen u join that person successfully, u will be put backinto the same lobby but clanned up with the other person, NOT UR FRIENDS! Smiley Wink The teams will be randomized, and there's a chance you'll be playing against ur homies! There you go! Now dont dissapoint me and do all of this just to lose; PROVE YOUR DOMINANCE!       

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I am just trying to help y'all out, and enjoy the game more. If this increased ur gaming experience, support me with a dollar. my Cash app: $DwightAlston
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Hopefully this has been eliminated. I'm all for joining your friend's gaming session, but only on the same team. 

To put friends on opposing teams in a public match is just asking for players to boost. You, and I, both know this is exactly what would happen. 


If you want to play against your friend, you can do this in a custom game, against bots. 

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So it's harder to boost

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