If you join a lobby finish the game!


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Said it before..

Connection issues asside.

We are responsible for the game just as much as the Devs...
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Some people leave the game beause of a few reasons, lag being one, shocking lazy mofos that refuse to work and play the game 23 hours a day being the another, I am a casual player and if I am getting bullets not register or players are skipping around I will leave the game and try to find a better lobby.


If I come on the game to chill and have a bit of a laugh and then I come across some 23 hour a day sweat packs taking the game as if they are playing in some esports comp...I'll quit, getting smashed by streaks, and a bunch of lazy ass mofos is not fun. I get that some people are unable to work due to disabilities, that's fair enough.

Gaming for me is a way to chill and not a way to live.


They need a casual lobby but it would be hard to incorporate into the game so that it isn't abused by the sweat packs.

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Yep, couldn't agree with you more. I'm also a casual player who plays to wind down and have some fun. Getting put in lobbies where the score is 20-90, have a million streaks up and where one guy on the enemy team has 50 of the 90 kills is zero fun. Heck, if such a sweat is on my own team I leave as well. There is zero fun in playing with someone who is hellbent on getting all 100 kills in the game. I give zero fu ks about stats. I saw someone argue here that people quit matches to preserve their k/d. I am not sure what he meant but if he meant choosing "quit game" and leaving the match that way then that is bs. It will for sure have counted all your deaths and kills. If he meant quitting the game by fully shutting down their game or xbox then I have no idea what happens. On hardcore it's a different story. There the game rewards you for team killing three times. Your deaths and kills still get recorded but players who only live for having a good win/loss ratio get off scot free.
What I also don't like is the game putting you in the same pre-game lobby over and over and over. If I leave a pre-game lobby twice then the game should get a frigging clue and not put me back in there. That can go on till the point that the match has started and the game still decides to put me in it. Or leaving a game for previous named reasons and then being put back in the very same match. Very very very annoying.
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See, ever since I started paying attention to what type of host I was playing on, I've found it extremely difficult to tell who is actually good, and who is just benefiting from being on the team of the peer who is hosting the game. 


I can tell you this; those blowout matches do not happen on dedicated servers (for me at least), but on peer hosted servers, you know after your very first gunfight whether you're on a dedi/bad side of peer host, or good side of peer host. When you get enemies that seem to never pull their weapon up to shoot, you're on the good side of the peer hosting. If you're getting melted by people you truly do not see because they weren't on your map yet, you're on the bad side. It's no fun either way.


For this reason alone, I wish there were more dedicated server farms in areas where player count warrants them. I don't feel this is an unreasonable request, despite knowing the cost to operate a dédi farm. We all want to know how we stack up against each other, not how good we stack up against someone with an obvious host advantage/disadvantage. I have yet to have one single match where the entire team has steeaks rolling, bombarding you from everywhere, when. I'm on a dedicated server. However, any peer hosted match on Firing Range is a G dam nightmare. 


Even though the post will be met with general disregard, I have been researching the different networking architecture of the best selling FPS online shooters for console, and every time I learn something new about how a low budget game was able to incorporate A smooth online experience, and the servers they use, and compare it to CoD; I'm amazed. I'm still researching Titanfall1 and the changes they made from 1 ro 2, and it is apparent that the mindset of those companies, in regards to wanting to nail MP, is completely different that CoDs approach. CoDs one, and only, attempt at "change" was back in WWII, when they decided to join the 21sr century and get their servers to 60Hz. 


Hopefully, I will remember to make the post. I don't fear it being removed here, as opposed to Reddit, because I believe I could try to sell a hooker on this site, and no moderator would see it.


I know I went off on a tangent, but my point is, those blowout games are always peer hosted, so don't feel bad about leaving those matches early.in America, and much of the UK and Germany, peer hosted servers should not even be a thing. If we can make parties with players playing on the wrong server, you can throw us on a dedicated server outside of our region when, locally, there are not enough players in a game type to warrant a dedi. 


Sorry for the length of the post.





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Good post Mygame. Seriously, people can take the "I dont quit" and "youre a puzzy if you quit" and stick it. This is a video game, no life lessons here. The purpose is enjoyment, entertainment, having fun. If I get dropped in a game where I shoot someone from a foot away with a shotgun and get zero hit markers I know that the connection is for shyt. Now I know I probably am getting dumped into  peer server and really have no chance. Certain maps I hate, Jungle and contraban. I wont play them. Dumped into a game with one of those maps and I dont stay. A game where the score is 40 to 10 screw it. Nothing more fun than going into a lopsided game where there are 4 streaks going on at the same time, right?    

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You’re not that good the game is broken and it no one is having that much fun so they leave matches. They’re not pushiest most of them could probably stomp your ***** ass out in real life. It’s jyst a broken game people play to waste some time. 

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