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Havent played in two weeks


most frustrating cod in history,


movement speed is too fast

 New meta is “spam jump and you win”

it takes 5-7 hits to kill, and with the jumping movement system takes loke 9-10 shots


so your 25-30 clip. Is useless


reload time sucks too, unless you use attatchment etc....


THAT DAM FLASH LIGHT ON SHOTGUN. Take that ***** out jesus, no matter how many times they nerf it, its the DISABLE of aim assist that bs


healing sucks!  Cause you have to hip fire but they made hip fire so bad in bo4


be nice if they add a new stimshot, that allows you to have full control of aim still


or bring back a item that is self heal (old cod style)


love the 9 bang nerf when you use to put hand up




how is this a nerf?





I would like a new cod but, i think this style of cod is done.....


they need to implement sometbing new, cause this not fun


be nice if war from ww2 was in all cods but


everyone wants to be the next Steve jobs....






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It's probably the worst multiplayer in the history of CoD. The only games I haven't played are CoD1, Advanced Warfare, and Infinite Warfare, so maybe they were worse, idk. Luckily Blackout is decent, so that's all I've been playing. Screw multiplayer though. I've been done with that bullsh!t for a while. Absolute garbage. 

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It sucks cause.... i want the new *****

i want more modern *****


but, fawk so much ***** in this game that makes it horrid



specialist items

map layouts are horrid

too many flank points


i swear even thw recycled maps, they fuked with them too and made lines of sight worst, its ridiculous


but yea....... sucks

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Im with you mannn. I dont play mp in bo4. Besides everything you said which i agree with, theres just too many specialist abilities if i ever crave mp id go to bo3. I only play blackout all the times and zombies once in the blue.

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Yea lol after i posted this feed


i played bo3 lmfao

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I have my PS+ running out soon and I don't see that I am getting a decent amount of PSN upgrades for my money each year. I have an Xbox One X but no Xbox Live, I am weighing up my options, will I buy enough multiplayer games to warrant spending the money? Multiplayer games seem to be losing their gloss in my opinion. I will not be renewing my PS+.


Haven't played this game for a very long time. It's a mess.

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Have you been on Pop again?
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Movement speed to me, is fine.

If it wasn't jumping it'd be drop shotting.

9bang is useful and I enjoy it very much, if I didn't have 9bang I'd spam you with concussion/flash bangs and the only thing preventing that is them forcing you to have both a weapon and ability for the specialist which is why I choose Ajax/Zero for their tac nade.

I honestly rarely get hit with a 9 bang because half the people get it and just chuck it without paying attention.
Reload times don't really feel different from previous CODs at least to me.

Health of players is too high which lowers TTK and that I don't like but i've gotten used to it. Always preferred the standard health with the current weapon damage, actually felt like I did more damage and yet somehow died less because my reactions and aim benefited compared to shooting at one person (excluding using the Rampart/Titan) and needing to hit 5-7 shots vs 3-4 and being able to move to the next target.
This game adds in an artificial time on target because of the health and required shots to hit which means you really have to catch 3-4 people off guard to spray them down compared to older games.

Health I don't mind. I think it's a nifty feature self healing so idc one way or the other if it stayed like this or went back to the healing by itself over time. Most of the time it has no effect on me. Only time i tend to get out of a gunfight alive to use it is at a bit of distance or I can find cover.

Closer range I'd be dead with or without it.

I never see the flashlight attachment anymore not in my game modes at least so that's moot. Not sure how it's still an issue to people. outside of 15ft the thing is useless.

You can't "stim shot yourself" while still aiming. Physically speaking.
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I can deal with everything in the game but the team balancing and match making.   Why do I need a net duma router to play on the dedicated servers.  Why is the game connecting me in laggy games when on dedicated I am at 30 ping or less.


The team balancing is ridiculous.   Is it really that hard to get a 1 ekia in TDM.  Help me understand.  How teammates cant kill or shoot down UAV that gets them killed more?  So the slayer has to get 40 kills then shoot down score streaks also......smh

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That's just the general population of COD to be totally honest with you.

I play TDM almost exclusively solo. At this point I don't care about winning.
What it comes down to is if there's one good player on either team. They have to get 30-40 Kills die less than 10 times AND hope to have 1 teammate on their team go about 1.5-2 EKIA/D


Otherwise your effort amounts to nothing. I've lost games in which I've gone 38-3, 45-5, 40-7,33-10 (that's just off the top of my head) and my ENTIRE TEAM is negative.

Your knew around here but i'll sum it off. on 3-4 different occasions i've gone through my 50 most recent players and checked their actual KDs back before the 3rd party sites got shut down.


The average K/D of those 50 players ranged in between .72 all the way to the most recent group being .95K/D
The amount of players who actually held 1+ K/D out of those 150-200 people were I'd say 40 of those players. about half those 40 had 1.3-1.5
and probably only 10 of them were above 1.5k/d and 1 of them was at a 2 K/D and I've only come across one player higher then my 2.03K/D of all the players I checked.


People complain about matchmaking being unfair and putting them against really good players all the time which simple isn't the case it's the exact opposite the lobby is filled with 95% negative K/D players (obviously exceptions exist) but EKIA/D was created to boost peoples self esteem. the EKIA/D is about .20-.40 HIGHER then what you're actual K/D is.

Example my EKIA/D is 2.44 but my actual K/D is 2.03. and from what I've gathered the more capable you are of killing a lot more then you die the higher the gap between your EKIA/D and your K/D


So if you're someone who doesn't rattle off a bunch of kills consistently but get a lot of assists the % will be a lot lower then those who get 30-40 kill games and die less than 10 times because it's likely they are just putting up higher numbers.

Low kill players don't typically rack up a ton of assists either and EKIA/D will be very very close to their actual but still a bit higher.

most players are simply bad at the game and it's just luck of the draw

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