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1. The Titan is glitched in the armory. You CAN'T add FMJ 2. When you pick it it wont fill up an attachement slot, and once you close armory and come back FMJ 2 will be unchecked and not attached.

2. When a player leaves in zombies the tab and esc player menu gets really messed up. It won't show my name, and sometimes it will only show one player despite there being more than that in game.

3. No host migration. With no campaign you would expect this game to have tons of features added to the current modes, not ripped out. Please add host migration back.

4. When you hit escape and the bottom shows you're level progress, it is ALWAYS extremely behind. I am currently level 31 but in game it says I am half way through level 26.


Now I know this post will more than likely be ignored by the devs. We all know how much activison cares about bugs after launch since you already got all your money, but please fix these for your customers. Black ops 2 had so many problems with online zombies and it was never fixed, making the gamemode nearly unplayable since it would kick everyone out in the lobby nearly everytime. PLEASE don't let this game be like that...

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