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I've been getting one hit killed tonight from some stupidly long distances. Litterally thought it was a hacked game how far i was being killed. Never seen them like this before. Clearly a problem with them.

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I am actually going for gold on the MOG and I can assure you it does not have "Sniper" ability, distance or accuracy.....Operator mod, all attachments or none.... And that's in Multiplayer, Hard Core or Core on Playstation... for clarity...


If you're playing Zombies or Blackout or another platform your experience is much different than mine..... Honestly, I'll be very, very thankful once it's gold so I never, ever have to use it

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I gave it a try myself and it was junk. 2 shot kills. This guy I played against last night was master prestige so I concede that he is a good player, but I've played this series for a long time and I've not been killed at long range like that before. I genuinely thought I'd been killed by Seraph's annihilator, that's how crazy long distance the kill was and it happened three times. Very odd.

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All 3 arc shotguns are trash.

I wish they were like the MW shotguns, those were viable and "realistic"
If the mog were like that i'd actually use it, but you need to have it maxed and stuffed in someones face for a consistent 1 shot kill.

Could have just been a fluke or something was making it seem further then usual. The master prestige thing is meaningless, just means he's got 7-8+Days played doesn't mean he knows how to use any 1 weapon better because of it. I've seen plenty of Masters(in fact most of them) who were about as bright and skillful as a doorknob.
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Sporadic distance kills is definitely on the cards regarding shottys. I've used mog only a handful of times and found it useless one second and decent others.. maybe that's how I played those particular games i don't know. I have been shot what seemed a ridiculous distance with the mog and also used it myself and killed someone I thought wouldn't reach. Next time round it doesn't reach 5 yards in front of me.. they're like a bag of Revels.. maybe shooting down wind😂...

I'm disappointed with a few guns sporadic distances regarding kills right across the board in this cod..

long barrel imo should be made available to all of the shottys..

also range on new SMG is a 3 (off top of my head) which is ridiculous to say the rest of the stats aren't that good anyway meaning you will be disappointed when you reach level 100 to be handed a boardering on useless gun as a prize for reaching the end of heist....
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