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Had my little double XP updated which is great.. however the new maps have also appeared and tbh I don't want them. I'm not interested in playing maps I don't know for just a few days before going back to normal.. ye it's no major problem but I want to take advantage of the double tier XP and how can people do that when everyone is sneaking around maps because they don't know it which leads to throwing in lower scores.. 


I understand they want to send tasters out but it should be a choice, just like it was a choice whether to purchase them in the first place...

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Are they really that desperate to sell more passes.


I can't think of another reason they would otherwise do it.


Bunch of creedy well this word will be censored anyway

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seems to be trying something pal...

If they were put in a moshpit I would understand and then I have that choice whether to select it and see them. however I dont fancy playing maps I know I won't be playing come Monday/Tuesday or whenever they get took back off. I hate lobby jumping unless I really have to so it's an annoying pain, rather than a hindrance....
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It's like the free weekends of Blackout.

They are just trying (and hoping) players will get the maps.

Truthfully if they were set up as map packs so all 4 of the new maps together for 15$ like it used to be then maybe it'd work.
No one is running to the online store and spending 50$ for them. The maps aren't that great to begin with as per usual with most maps.
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