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I've noticed a common theme in this game vs. any other COD I have played and thats Master Prestige players who quit as soon as thier team start to get beat. I'm not sure if there is some bebefit to doing this for thier stats - because they really do matter of course.



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And this is important/care because?

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Why do you think?  It hurts the game and the experience for both teams, if your on the team where the MP players leave then you end up getting destroyed because your 1 or 2 players down.  If your on the opposing team, there are less players to kill so you end up running around the map trying to find the few players that are left.  Personally I've been on both sides and it makes the experience of playing this game crap.





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Well ya. If they are playing on a ***** team that has no idea wtf they are doing strategy wise and they are dying non stop of course they will leave.  But this goes for all good players.  I don't want to sit in a corner cuz my team sucks.  

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I don't think this is always the case, I played countless games of DOM yesterday where the other team (mostly consisting of parties of at least 3) dominated the first round then in round 2 we made a comeback and then half of the other team quit.


I don't remember this being the case in previous COD games I played.

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eh lol


cod is weird..... i consider myself the a erage player and i know im above average but, this game makes you feel at times you are a LOSER even if you’re good


but it console...... not pc


and i always forget that but, with all the other things that screw you over it makes it worst


killstreaks, specialist, etc


being killed by killstreak shouldnt count as a k/d radio


if you die by people thats all it should show, not killstreaks 


but that still sucks cause killstreak distract, so you still get screwed 



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This is the reason I almost never play domination anymore
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They will never punish players for leaving for a few reasons.

-Obviously the common reason is they are just sick of dying.
-Something did randomly come up and they had to leave (life does exist)
-Maybe the player was trying to do a challenge of sort for themselves and it failed so they left. (not an excuse just a thought)
I've had teammates quit and it's annoying. I've had the enemy team quit and it's only slightly annoying. I won't run around and chase kills with no one on the other team it's not worth it.

I've quit before too sometimes ***** does come up, but most maps I stay...the only time i'll quit out on a specific map is Payload that map is complete aids and if the team doesn't push into the hangers you are guaranteed a spawn trap you can't get out of on TDM and I will not stick around for it.

With that being said, the rank means nothing. There's very little chance they have "insane" stats they want to save at this stage of the game, your stats eventually become stagnant especially if you're master prestiges you've got so many kills/deaths that it takes a lot to make it go either way.

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