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Oh no, I know I suck. The problem I have is there are times that I am digustingly bad and then there are times when I am just bad. It happens all within a few minutes of each other. Is that matchmaking? Unlikely. I just think that the connection, lag, latency what ever you call it is bad sometimes. I watch some of these people play on you tube and their reaction time, aiming and recognition is impressive. I cant compete with these is the main reason I use nomad, love those trip wires and that dog. I guess my rant is during the disgustingly bad rounds...I am out. I did see a you tube video and the person playing was pretty good. He basically said the same thing. He said there are games where he can tell it aint right. He feels slugish and slow and he jumps out of it right away. 

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Soooo, I’m not good, not by a long shot, I’m a 51 year old man, they didn’t have BO when I was a kid, I never played a FPS until I was 40.

my k/d is .64. In league play it’s .74.

i haven’t played before BO4 since the first BO.

However, my win percentage is 1.17.

I play mostly TDM, most of the players are better than me even though I have prestiged once already.

my point is I try to play to my strengths, Even though I play solo I try to be a team player, and it definitely works.

There’s always someone better than you, however the sun even shines on a dog’s ass some days.

The game is supposed to be fun, yes getting smoked is unpleasant, however I try to learn from the beatings.

The only way to improve is to play against better players, fortunately I can always find them. LOL 


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Best way to go about it.

It's how most of us who have been around the series for awhile learned. Take our beatings and learn from it.

matchmaking as a whole simply isn't an issue especially if you have any interest in improving you know you'll have to take your beatings, learn the maps figure out the set ups that work best for you and in what situations etc.

Generally no one cares how good/bad someone really is. It's kind of expected that most people are casual players who don't care or people who enjoy the game and just aren't very good and they will greatly out number the good players. I don't tute my own horn, I know I'm a decent player I know I can win more games then I lose playing solo but I don't expect to get teammates with even 1 k/ds let alone 1.5 (as my past decade in cod has shown the average K/D is about .6-.9 for the general population with good players sprinkled in here and there).
In my honest opinion I think match making has a greater affect on decent players who play solo and are trying to win because teammates struggle to get even while the other team just barely goes even and it makes all the difference in the world.

Comparatively Average players are likely playing against varying degrees of average players and instead of going 12-13 or 10-9 in a match like they normally do they all of sudden get smacked and go 5-23 a similar scores in consecutive lobbies because there's a few better players in there and they lose their minds thinking it's incredibly unfair.

I don't notice many "good" players in matches (i know they are there) but my teammates generally are going to be pretty bad whether there's a similarly skilled player to me on the other team or not. I tend to notice when we have a massive lead which usually means someone on my team is doing decent as well. I can drop 30-40 kills in TDM and die less then 6-7 times and my teammates are incapable of taking advantage of it and I still lose by 20-30 kills or just lose by 5-10 kills and if there was just one teammate who goes even it'd have meant a victory.
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I use a simple but fairly effective strategy, I try to pick out the players on my team who seem to be playing the most effectively and stick close to them, even if I get killed as a general rule I get damage on the opposition and make it easier for our team to finish them off..

I also try to pick up on any pattern the other team my use and try to exploit it. I get smoked a lot but then again I have games where I’m 2K/d.

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The best thing to help out the team and will help to make you a better player is TAKE OUT THE UAV.  IT GIVES YOUR LOCATION.  If you going .6 and below.  You take that out it gives your better teammates a chance to carry the team to a victory. 

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UAV's last about 6 seconds in my world.  I have the same theory but for ALL streaks.  While some players first thought about a Streak being called in is, "OH effin' (insert hated streak here)" the first thought I have is, "Oh yea...bring that shiit on in here!"  Then I start looking at the horizons for it coming in so I can get after it before it gets over the map.  It's much easier killing a Strike Team BEFORE they get to the ground.  You can blow their chopper pretty easy as it's not shooting back at you.  Blowing it up while they are about half way down the ropes and watching them fall to their death is great fun!   


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I run Engineer on all my classes and I'll hunt down a Sentry Gun like a Hound Dog hunting down Cool Hand Luke.  I like the challenge of playing Cat and Mouse with it.  Equip a Launcher with Fast Lock and you're good to go!


Now if I could just figure out how to shoot down a Thresher.  Can lock onto it coming and going and fire but no contact.  I think you should be able to fly a rocket up it's tailpipe no problem.


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