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I recently purchased the special order skin for Seraph (with COD points I got given to me for buying the game). And I see that not only do you have to spend points on the items but you then have to progress through tiers to actually use them.  What is the purpose of this? It's not for a fun challenge. It is to create a grind. To tempt people into paying more to skip tiers and unlock the items sooner. People have spent actual money on this, in addition to the game itself. I guess charging full price for a game, then using a free to play game economy inside it; with promotions and special editions just isn't enough money for you at Activision. You need to include additional grind where possible to encourage recurrent spending. Its shameful. And a bit pathetic actually. Anyway, that's some customer feedback, here seemed like the best place to post it.



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It's as you said, just meant for a grind.

If you play even a half decent amount (what is usually 7 tiers for the special orders I've only actually bought 1 of them way back in the beginning so I forget) You win 1 game and you automatically get 1 tier knocked off right there. I think if you even played an hour you'd be fairly close to having the tiers completed especially if you do half decent.

(Note I'm not approving of this system by any means) I'm against microtransactions as a whole but accept that they will be in pretty much every single game until the consumer stops purchasing them. At the very least if it's only cosmetics I can deal with it and even the weapons they've added in the battle tiers for the majority of players the time frame in we're given to unlock them is more then reasonable.
I've said it before at least with weapons WW2 had the system right you can stick them into your Lootboxes (or reserves in this games case) but they also provided you with challenges you could select to do in order to unlock the new weapons.
IE. for the Dameon it could be Get X amount of kills with an SMG to unlock it. AR could be X Amount of Headshots or something along those lines.

I suppose their theory with the outfits and such is you've used what is it 800-1200 cod points for 7 items (not currently got the game booted up to look so im just throwing numbers out) so it's X amount of Points/Money per item and you just unlocked the ability to earn them, however if you want to use it right away or don't play super super often your only other option if you care enough is to spend the extra 7-10$ to move through those tiers on the battle tiers to unlock what you just purchased.

Now again in doing that you're also unlocking Other items in the process. It needs a bit of reworking to at least make it reasonable for players who don't play overly often to be able to still get the vast majority of items in the game. Personally ANYTHING purchased from the Special Order/Daily Order should be completely unlocked and allowed to be used right away.
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