Can we pleaseeeeee get a "competitive" blackout playlist.

Solos, duos, quads

  • 1 level of armor only
  • no trauma kits
  • sensor dart jammer or perk
  • vehicle overhaul
    • half the durability
    • fuel that runs to depletion
    • largly increased early eject damage

Currently vehicles are easily used as weapons of mass destruction instead of transportation

  • weapon balancing
    • reduce pistol range
    • increase damage fall off for pistols
    • increase shotgun damage
    • greatly reduce shotgun range
    • increase shotgun damage fall off
    • increase recoil, spitfire, daemon, saug
    • slightly increase AR recoil (ARs shouldnt be killing over sniping distances)
    • tighten bullet spread ABR & Swordfish
    • greatly increase time between bursts ABR & Swordfish

Overall gunfights shouldn't be dictated by who luckily found level 3 armor and a trauma kit but skill and landing shots. Vehicles should not primarily be killing machines but methods of transportation. Finally, no one weapon or weapon class should be "OP". Each weapon/class should be situational and only dominate in its range.